Intradiscal PRP Treament

Hello All.

I'm considering having intradiscal prp treatment done on a 3mm extrusion in my L5-S1 disc. I would really like to hear some real life stories, successful or not on this. It's nice to get a little feedback from people that have been there and gone through the trea



  • Had mine on Sept 15 2017. Best treatment I've ever received! I' about 98% functional! Only thing I'm not brave enough to try yet is running, I used to run a lot, but that is something that seemed to cause a lot of pain when my disc herniated. So I haven't done any running since my treatment. But I haven't had any back pain for a couple months now.

  • That’s goodbackjack! For anyone out there has had intradiscal prp or intradiscal stem cells it would be good to hear your stories. 

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  • Badbackspags Did the intradiscal prp help your l5s1? I myself is considering intadiscal prp l4-s1. 

  • It did with a caveat. It rehydrated my disc and created a scaffold for the extrusion. Problem was when it rehydrated the disc the pressure created the bulge to increase. Eventually I had an endoscopic discectomy. That didnt fix my problem either. You know what did? When I started working out again and really took core workouts seriously again and stopped looking for the quick fix. And maybe a little of the prp and surgery.

    I still have pain today (Although centralized), however, it’s only when I sit (burning sensation that is most likely due to STILL having a small bulge rubbing up against my L5 nerve.

  • The intradiscal prp didn’t work and made your disc worse? Let me please because I am having one soon

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  • @mva2018noavailable, I didn't say it didn't work. It worked, however, it changed my symptoms. I think PRP is beneficial under the right circumstances. For example, if you have a disc rupture without herniation, then PRP makes sense. However, if you have a herniation, then simple physics suggest increasing the volume of the disc will increase the size the of the herniation. 

  • Badbackspags Can you pm me? My email is

  • Hi I had my PRP treatment done on my lower lumbar at L4L5 and I am now some 8 weeks in and overall success odd days with slight twinges , but generally very pleased. i would have it done again if the pain comes back to the same level as before the treatment.

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