Intradiscal PRP Treament

Hello All.

I'm considering having intradiscal prp treatment done on a 3mm extrusion in my L5-S1 disc. I would really like to hear some real life stories, successful or not on this. It's nice to get a little feedback from people that have been there and gone through the trea



  • Had mine on Sept 15 2017. Best treatment I've ever received! I' about 98% functional! Only thing I'm not brave enough to try yet is running, I used to run a lot, but that is something that seemed to cause a lot of pain when my disc herniated. So I haven't done any running since my treatment. But I haven't had any back pain for a couple months now.

  • That’s goodbackjack! For anyone out there has had intradiscal prp or intradiscal stem cells it would be good to hear your stories. 

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  • Badbackspags Did the intradiscal prp help your l5s1? I myself is considering intadiscal prp l4-s1. 

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