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Hello All,

Been reading a lot on her lately, but wanted to post my situation as I have not come across one completely similar.

Back in July, I was at dinner with my family and I got a sharp pain in my leg (left hamstring). Brushed it off, continued to happen here and there, so I went to doctor. She thought it was my hamstring and gave me an anti-inflammatory shot. Didn't help, so she sent me to another doctor. He thought it was my hamstring, and put me in physical therapy. Went for a month, didn't get any better, so quit that and was sure it was a back issue.

I could play basketball without any problems, yet sitting down caused unbearable pain. Finally got an MRI, and the results were as follows:

  • The intervertebral disc spaces are most narrowed and degenerated at L5-S1.
  • A bulging annulus and facet arthropathy are noted with patent neuroforamina
  • Large broad-based left-sides disc herniation with subarticular extension filling the lateral recess and extending into the neural foramina. The left S1 nerve root is displaced dorsally\

I tried the injection a few weeks ago. It didn't help - went back to the doctor and he said we can try again in a few weeks but I'll probably need surgery. I am 24 years old - I really don't want surgery. I don't know how I got hurt .. there was no car accident, weightlifting incident. I'm willing to try pretty much anything to avoid surgery. Has anyone been in a similar situation and recovered without surgery.

Thanks in advance for your help!




  • Hi,  I am sorry about your pain at your young age. . Three years ago I had a bone marrow stem cell procedure on my L5 disc. It was very successful and I have had continued relief from the L5 pain. Before and after the stem cell  procedure I had hyperbaric oxygen therapy to increase my stem cell production.

    The only negative is the cost and insurance does not pay for stem cell therapy. I had in done in Columbia Mo.  It was 2500. 

  • Long story short, had 4 previous surgeries on my L5-S1, 2005 to 2008, never got fixed, always some kind of pain, mostly leg pain, last year L5-L4 is herniated and had very bad back pain , muscle spasm, leg pain etc; I am seeing. a chiropractor and he really helped me. I do 3-4 sessions when nucleus (soft part of the disc) hurts my nerves and legs, it happens about every 5 months or so. The thing about chiropractor is that you have to find a good one, the one who knows what is he/she doing. Mine does decompression and stretching. I’m 43 years old.

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