2 weeks post op L5 S1 anterior/posterior spinal fusion

I had my L5 S1 anterior/posterior fusion done December 29th, 2017 and was discharged Dec. 31st. I am now 2 weeks post-op. I’m feeling really good. Down to taking half the pain meds I’m suppose to be on and very active (almost too active). My question is, how long is an average recovery? I am 38 and rather healthy. I’m finding it very hard and frustrating to stay within my restrictions because I feel so good. 

I’m finding my fiancé seems to be a little frustrated also. I look good and am not having hardly any pain at all, so it’s hard for him to understand why I can’t do any of the house cleaning and what not yet. How long (on average) until I will be able to push a vacuum or get down and mop my floors? How has everyone else’s recover time gone? I am feeling really good but so helpless. 

Another question I have is how long until an average person goes back to work? When I can work again I will be going back to a group home working with semi independent clients so very low physical expectations. I’m basically there to make sure food is cooked and they take their meds. 

Any input on timelines on how long it usually takes to start getting back to normal activity would be great. Thank you!

Any input and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 



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    Hello Mnlady

    Welcome to Veritas Health Forum

    Please don't rush the recovery!that said its a VERY good thing to get some relief from the pain.

    Please use the link below for more information about and inside Spine-Health

  • Thank you William. Maybe I’m just getting impatient with recovery. I think I have a long road a head of me to start being impatient already. 

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  • My fusion is from T11 to L1 (3 fractures in T12). My injury and surgery is 5 weeks ago. I’m 40 female and active before my fall. I felt (and still feel) just like you, going stir crazy not being able to do much. So after a few weeks, I tried to do more housework. Every new thing I tried took its toll. Sex after week 4 was the worse. Felt great at the time but my back ached for a week. Felt like I displaced the fracture.  So for the household chores, I’m willing to spend the money to hire a biweekly housecleaner until I’m able to do it myself without putting my spinal alignment/recovery at risk. Good luck!

  • Thanks for your input fractureat40. I actually just hired my niece to clean for me until I get the okay from the doctor. I’m at 4 weeks post op and keep forgetting my BLT. Lots of pain today after grocery shopping. My own fault. Shouldn’t be doing a lot of these things. 

  • I think we've all had times when we forget the no BLT rule. My biggest fear is destroying this brand new back that I have, and needing more surgery to repair it. Don't want that to happen!  That is my greatest incentive to pay attention and let my back heal and trying to forgo familiar activities and movements that may inhibit my healing for now.

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