Prolotherapy Helped My SI Dysfunction - My Personal Experience



  • cc1222- what symptoms do u have? What activities make u worse? Are u able to work?

  • cc1222, sounds familiar although my pain did not start with a car accident. Do come back and let us know the results of your Prolotherapy. I am still doing great with no SI pain 99% of the time.  Quick update:  I received another round of dextrose Prolotherapy for Costrochondritis 5 weeks ago, an entirely different condition and my pain is about 70-80% better and still seems to be improving bit by bit.

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  • skilletsskillet Cincinnati, OHPosts: 54

    I have a PDF document that contains tons of good information about SI joint dysfunction as well as a regimen of strengthening, stabilizing, and corrective exercises for treating SIJD. If anyone is interested, send me a private message and I will be happy to pass it along.

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