Arthritis throughout the whole body

 I have arthritis in my neck, it shows up on the MRI. I was wondering   Maybe my stiffness throughout my whole body is a form of arthritis, I broke my neck at C1 C2 four years ago.  I figured I would ask those of you that have arthritis what medicines are you on.  My physiatry  Felt that I could have some arthritis but then changed his mind. Any and all responses would be appreciated take care and God bless



  • MikethepikeMMikethepike MIchiganPosts: 481

     My hands and wrist feel real tight especially in the mornings.  I thought maybe I would have more responses since arthritis is so widespread.  I just wondered if spasticity and arthritis are similar. They seem to have similar effects on the body. Take care and God bless

  • Hi Mike,

    I'm terribly affected with arthritis myself. Neck, lower spine facet joints, both hips, both hands & fingers--more so my right hand, feet & ankles. Seems the only joints that haven't caused problems b3v been my knees (knock on wood they don't start) As you said mornings are worse-takes me 3 hours to get myself going, sometimes longer. I have a rheumatologist, blood work shows markers for rheumatoid arthritis & Sjrogrens disease. Also have markers for Lupus but my dr. leans more toward rheumatoid since I have symmetrical joint pain. If you do not have a rheumatologist, I'd suggest you get a referral to one. One medicine that I took that helped me a great deal was daily predisone but due to it affecting my blood sugar levels I had to stop taking it. May be something you could check into. Hope this helps answer some of ur questions. Take care. ☺

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  • Hi Mikethepike
    This is late you posted awhile back but due to the pain in my hands and fingers plus other health issues I have not been posting much.
    First of all I am so sorry you are dealing with that kind of pain and I really don't have any ideas for meds I take pain meds for my back etc. which does help the arthritis and Osteoporosis. 
    If I was you I would get a second opinion gosh he cannot just leave it at that they need to try to find out why you are feeling so stiff. I am like that  too in the morning so painful and after I do a lot.  Taren gave a good suggestion seeing a rheumatologist maybe get some suggestions for meds etc.
    I just recently went through my whole house replacing door knobs that I had to twist to ones that I just have to push on helps some. Also things like electric vegetable chopper, lid remover some of those things can really be painful to do. 
    Have you noticed how foods you eat really effect you causing pain? For me sugar is my enemy and I love my sweets. 
    What about swimming are you able or would want to do that it sure helped me till I had to give it up.
    Well sorry probably did not help you. 
    Hope you find some relief soon.

  • RangerRRanger on da rangePosts: 225

    Hey Mike,

    Just read through your post and others that replied. Many of my past medical conditions and repairs are directly a result of a severe fast moving osteoarthritis. It first appeared just after I turned 20 and wasn't properly diagnosed until my mid 30's. Years of diagnostics, trials, searching out information, I've been not able to control the flares, but make those episodes somewhat more tolerable.

    Both Taren & Sherri have made good suggestions here. I'll add that red meat that may negatively effect arthritis from my experience. Keep researching your conditions, get yourself a good rheumatologist, adjust your diet and weight if need be. Work on building strong core strength and fitness. There is a lot of valuable information out there including the Arthritis sister site to Spine-Health.

    If you have any questions of my long journey with this degenerating disease, feel free to PM me for more detail.

  • MikethepikeMMikethepike MIchiganPosts: 481

     I want to thank everyone for their responses, I will be contacting a rheumatologist in the near future to see if they can help me with some of my problems  . Take care and God bless all of you

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  • Hi Mike,

    I have had a few surgeries and feel like arthritis is just eating me alive.  I have neck stiffness, lower back pain, hip pain and shoulder pain.  My pain meds help with this overall but I cant seem to take enough to stay comfortable.  I am hoping this month to start butrans pain patch.  The achy type pain to me is just so hard to deal with.  I get up in the morning and head for the heating pad.  I have tried everything available over the counter for relief.  Nothing works.  I would be incredibly interested in what others take for this pain.  Good luck Mike.


  • Mike,

    I have osteo arthritis and sero-negative rheumatoid/non-specific inflammatory arthritis.  the non-specific inflammatory arthritis was diagnosed from a biopsy of my right knee as I had continuing swelling and warm knee joints.  The rheumatologist change the diagnosis to sero negative rheumatoid as both sides of my body are affected but the RF factor is negative.  She said it's more prevalent in men to have a neg test.  I've been on lots of different medications, Celebrex, meloxicam, bextra (now off the market but was a wonder drug for me) plaquenel, methotrexate, prednisone and humira injections.  After talking to my cardiologist he recommended trying diet and getting off all the meds they were causing heart rhythm problems.  still have minor flares but watch what I eat and take supplements.  I would suggest talking to a rheumatologist but be wary of the side effects of the different meds as some are worse then the pain.

  • Hey Mike... I too have arthritis all throughout my spine, both hips, both hands, both feet. I also have RA, which I was put on Methotrexate ( 12.5g  1xweek)  & Folic Acid (1g 1xday) for and it did help my hands alot. You MUST look up some arthritis stretching videos on youtube... stretching before you get out of bed is a game changer!

  • Hi all,

    I do not want to monopolize this thread but would love some help.  I had two level acdf about sixteen months ago.  First six months were not bad but after that and every month my pain just gets worse.  It runs from neck down into upper back, across shoulders and down into arms.  It is not sharp but feels like achy type pain.  It is not the same as before surgery.  It just aches like a toothache does.  I have tried everything over the counter.  I have also tried voltaren, both pills and gel.  My dilauded will help quite well but it comes back after about three hours.  I am trying to get butrans patch which my PM dr recommended but  I am having insurance issues at this time.  I have also started to have pain in my hips on both sides.  Not as bad or frequent but its starting just like my upper back pain.  I feel so arthritic.  I cant sleep or do anything which requires concentration when it really gets going.  Any help would be appreciated. 

    Thanks dmo

  • DMO,

    With regards to your pain following cervical fusion, I have same issue.  I had 3 level c4-7 4 years ago.  Pain in my left shoulder started about 2 years after surgery and I tried to ignore it, most recently in the left arm over the last 6 months.  Finally went to surgeon to ask and they did a CT scan to check for complete fusion, unfortunately one of my levels c6/c7 did not fuse completely.  The surgeon thinks there is enough bone growth to prevent motion (pseudo-arthrosis) but is not 100% convinced.  I then had an MRI to check for adjacent levels and c3/c4 is bulging with spinal stenosis.  Surgeon doesn't believe that that is the cause as the nerve at that level ends around the shoulder and doesn't go down the arm.  I had a nerve conductive test yesterday which shows carpel tunnel in both arms worse in left which may be the cause of the arm pain and may add to the shoulder pain I am experiencing.  I was lucky that the Dr who did the test was willing to talk to me about the results, normally you have to wait to see the Dr who ordered it.  I go back to the surgeon on Tuesday to discus the next step.  I have been using Butrans for approx. 6 years now.  It does help bring the pain levels down, I have multiple issues causing pain and Butrans has kept me from the ever increasing levels of pain meds.  I'll let you know what the Surgeon says next week.

  • Hi Dave,

    I was wondering what dosage you are using for your Butrans patch?  I had C5-C7 levels fused.  My arm pain goes all the way down my forearm.  Mainly on the topside of the arm.  It is more numbness than pain.  The real pain for me is the aching across my upper back into both shoulders and then down both arms.  It really feels like bad arthritis.  My surgeon showed me my fusion post Xrays.  Both doner bones are fused well on the top.  I can see no line whatsoever.  The bottom of both doner bones I can see definate lines.  Of course the surgeon said dont worry about this.  I am skeptical.  The Achy pain is bad upon waking and gets worse until I take dilauded.  This will keep it at bay for maybe three or four hours.  If I do not take it I cant use my arms much or sit still at all.  The pain just makes me do nothing.  I sit on the sofa with an ice bag or heating pad until my meds kick in.  I never had this type of pain before surgery.  My presurgery pain was sharper and more so in my neck.  Now its more across my upper back, shoulders and arms.  If I can get insurance worked out I will try a patch.  If not I will ask for long acting pain meds.  I used to take Exalgo but it did not work.  I thought if dilauded worked exalgo would be great, not so.  My PM dr is talking about long acting morphine.  I am just going crazy over all this.

    thanks dmo

  • Sorry you are having a rough time.  If it were me I would be worried about the line if you don't have solid fusion you can get movement at that level and it can produce pain. At C6/C7 I have open space except on the edges.  The donor bone is no longer there.  I use the 20mcg Butrans patch.  I also use the heating pad a lot on my shoulders. 

  • i just joined i thought i was gone crazy with the pain i read alot of your post i am sitting here crying like a baby you all gave me hope i will look for a arthritis doctor thanks a lot god bless you all  i will post in near futher

  • i just joined i thought i was gone crazy with the pain i read alot of your post i am sitting here crying like a baby you all gave me hope i will look for a arthritis doctor thanks a lot god bless you all  i will pos

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    Thanks for recommending informative forums, I have gone through that too and found helpful.

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