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Arthritis throughout the whole body



  • Hi Dave,

    I was wondering what dosage you are using for your Butrans patch?  I had C5-C7 levels fused.  My arm pain goes all the way down my forearm.  Mainly on the topside of the arm.  It is more numbness than pain.  The real pain for me is the aching across my upper back into both shoulders and then down both arms.  It really feels like bad arthritis.  My surgeon showed me my fusion post Xrays.  Both doner bones are fused well on the top.  I can see no line whatsoever.  The bottom of both doner bones I can see definate lines.  Of course the surgeon said dont worry about this.  I am skeptical.  The Achy pain is bad upon waking and gets worse until I take dilauded.  This will keep it at bay for maybe three or four hours.  If I do not take it I cant use my arms much or sit still at all.  The pain just makes me do nothing.  I sit on the sofa with an ice bag or heating pad until my meds kick in.  I never had this type of pain before surgery.  My presurgery pain was sharper and more so in my neck.  Now its more across my upper back, shoulders and arms.  If I can get insurance worked out I will try a patch.  If not I will ask for long acting pain meds.  I used to take Exalgo but it did not work.  I thought if dilauded worked exalgo would be great, not so.  My PM dr is talking about long acting morphine.  I am just going crazy over all this.

    thanks dmo

  • Sorry you are having a rough time.  If it were me I would be worried about the line if you don't have solid fusion you can get movement at that level and it can produce pain. At C6/C7 I have open space except on the edges.  The donor bone is no longer there.  I use the 20mcg Butrans patch.  I also use the heating pad a lot on my shoulders. 

    laminectomy c4/c5 2008, ACDF c4-c7 Jan 20 2014, pseudo arthrosis suspected 2017, diagnosed  2019.  Revision C6/C7 pending. Multiple ruptured discs lumbar, l2-s1.
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  • i just joined i thought i was gone crazy with the pain i read alot of your post i am sitting here crying like a baby you all gave me hope i will look for a arthritis doctor thanks a lot god bless you all  i will post in near futher

  • i just joined i thought i was gone crazy with the pain i read alot of your post i am sitting here crying like a baby you all gave me hope i will look for a arthritis doctor thanks a lot god bless you all  i will pos

  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,519
    edited Today 3:06 PM
    Anyone dealing with Arthritis, should visit Spine-Health (Veritas-Health) other site Arthritis-Health

    I've been dealing with Osteoarthritis since 2002. It is a degenerating rapid type and it has forced me to have both of my shoulders and hips totally replaced with new stems, implants and hardware. This was done in 2010, 2011 and 2012. Its just a question of time for Knee replacement.

    I had a major laminectomy done in 2016 from L2-L5. The surgeon originally wanted to insert rods and other hardware for stability, but after looking at several x-rays, he determined that my spine had so much Arthritis, it was almost acting like a fusion and provided stability. Pain Yes and Stability Yes, so no rods.

    Since I am already a spinal chronic pain patient I take Oxycodone IR (20mg daily) which provide a level of comfort. Plus the more active I am, the better I can deal with Arthritis. It is beginning to create problems for my hands/fingers feet/toes. They will lock up in weird positions and I have to jump around a bit to get them back to normal.
    There are foods that can actually speed up the degeneration, just as their are foods that can slow it down. I've spent more time looking at various natural herbs and spices to slow it down. Over on the Arthritis-Site and on the Arthritis-Facebook pages, I've documented a cocktail, with the owners made a video of Best tasting Anti-inflammatory cocktail

    I've been doing this for years, it hasnt taken any pain away, not sure how much its slowed down the Arthritis, but I can just feel its helping. But as I always comment, Never take another members suggestion, supplement, exercise without first discussing it with your doctor.

    But for all you Arthritis sufferers, please visit Arthritis-Health
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  • Hi dilauro!

    Thanks for recommending informative forums, I have gone through that too and found helpful.

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