Golf after C3-C7 ACDF

I had a 4 level ACDF, C3-C7 done back in early June. Surgery went well, rehab has gone extremely well. Has anyone played golf after a similar procedure? Just looking to see what I should expect.



  • LSUFan1208 , I had a C3-C7 ACDF last week ( Jan. 9th ) . Please keep us informed on your journey back to playing golf. Fishing is my #1 passion & what I most hope & work toward being able to do again. Golf is right behind as for an activity I'm anxious to get back to doing. Hopefully, you'll have successful tales to share with us & help inspire those of us seeking similar goals.  Good luck.......Take care

  • I'm due for a L5/L6 & L6/L7 fusion in June and not looking forward to giving up my golf for a period of time. Hope to post updates on progress as it happens.

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