I am desperate!

I have had two L4/L5 microdiscectomies in as many months. The first on 1st December 2017 and a “redo” just a week ago after a reherniation on 7th Jan. 

My recovery from the first discectomy was good with easy to manage paIn and immediate relief from symptoms - predominantly numbness, weakness in leg and pins & needles.

My recovery from the second surgery is a very different story - after my disc reherniated I was admitted to hospital to manage the pain as it was so bad and also developed dropfoot.

A week post surgery and I am really struggling to understand what is normal and what’s not. I still have numbness in my foot (middle toes mainly), chronic pain in my ankle (like a sprain) and severe pain in my hip & buttock with pins & needles/sciatic pain running through my leg. All on the right side. My leg also feels very weak.

I have been mobile and walking as suggested, I alternate between that, standing and lying as sitting is uncomfortable.  But it’s proving difficult as any movement makes all of it worse after 5-10 mins of sitting/standing.

I have finished all meds prescribed on discharge and am wondering if this level and amount of pain is normal?? Any suggestions for dealing with the pain and how I can mobilise better as not mobilising is a double edged sword.

I’m wishing I’d never had the first surgery! 

Thanks in advance 



  • You should call your surgeon on Monday and ask what to do. Might need referral to pain management.

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  • Thanks people. Thought I’d update you. 

    I ended up in the emergency room last Sunday as it got so unbearable I was unable to stand without crying. I was admitted into hospital and after four days under the care of the pain team I am going home today. 

    One of the drugs I was taking (Palexia SR) can apparently increase pain levels and basically turn them into a big ball of nerve pain! 

    So no, it wasn’t normal and there were a couple of lessons for me. 1) don’t be a hero, if you think something’s not right - get it checked and 2) pain doctors are wonderful people.

    Now onwards and upwards with the recovery from the op 

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