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5 months post op c6/7 with issues

I haven't posted in a while. I am near 5 months post single level acdf at 6/7. I was doing fairly well after surgery, I thought, until I went down on my butt.

 I still have throat and swallowing issues, I'm waiting for an appointment with a speech therapist to have a camera put down my throat.

I have a constant feeling of a lump, more towards the bottom and into the hollow of my neck. I'm really struggling to get food down.  I'm so tired, I'm retaining water, have put on 20 pounds and my blood pressure, which was always low, is now "pre-hypertension".  My legs are heavy feeling, I'm swollen the the breast area, armpit area, get tearing pains down my arms, still struggling with buttons.
My eyesight seems to have changed, I hurt deep in my joints, etc, blah.
My collar bone on the right side feels like you've thumped me, same for the rib cage area and base of skull.

Last x-ray at 3 months showed everything intact, with a small change in the spacer area, they thought, was beginning healing.

My primary said last week the water retention and blood pressure stuff isn't normal, but he thinks it will resolve eventually, I was floored! He also wants me to try suboxone for chronic pain. I have not had pain pills since 10 days post surgery, I deal with ibuprofen and tylenol. I also use half a dropper of cbd oil at night in hot tea.

I sure hope there are others on here who have experienced the same or similar things so that I know I'm not crazy! 



  • Hi @Buttons16 I had ACDF C6-7 surgery in May 2017. I was reading your post and read that you are using Ibuprofen. I'm not sure what instructions your doctor gave you, but my neurosurgeon and his nurses specifically told me no Ibuprofen or any anti-inflammatory medicines for 6 months or longer after surgery. They said that the inflammation is needed in order for the fusion to properly heal. I've read that in a few medical things I found as well. I myself am still having issues especially with muscle weakness on my right side. I'm very tender in my whole right shoulder and upper right arm area. Just found out a few weeks ago I have another herniated disc at level C5-C6 not bad enough for another surgery yet. Depending on how severe the disc was herniated it can be a long road to full recovery. I have got very frustrated and discouraged, because I can't do things like I used to. Hope you get some answers for your throat and swallowing issues. You mentioned you went down on your butt. If that was recently and after your 3 month labs you probably want to get checked out. Hope you start getting some answers and some relief soon. This is definitely not an easy thing to go through.

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