TLIF and fusion L1-S1 6 weeks out

Wanting to connect with others going through similar recovery.

Just now starting to feel human again.

Looking forward to starting PT starts this week.



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  • Hope all is going well.

    Could you tell us how did  the surgery / post surgery going? I’ve had 4 micro discketomy  at L5-S1 done from 2005-2008, now I herniated L4-L5 and it’s not going away; thinking to do a two level fusion(L4-S1),  but I’m trying to avoid it as much as I can.

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  • This huge surgery was the result of degenerative scoliosis. I tried every kind of modality and my back continued to degenerate.

    After the last two years of research and other failed attempts, I realized surgery was the solution. I'm glad that my health otherwise is good  for a 61 year old. Now my curve is less than 10% (it was 30%) and I'm almost an inch taller!  Still a ways to go in the healing process, but I feel hopeful that I'll be able to return to my previous activity level.  No running though, every again :(

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