Facet injections lower spine

I received 4 yesterday.  And today I'm in so much pain.  Not just my back but my hips and legs.  I have had severe diarrhea since last night and stomach cramps.  Along with the beginnings of a headache.  I have an apt with my family Dr.  Who refuses to give me my meds as a drug test came back with something I have never taken.  So now I go in agony to try defend myself.  I'm at my wits end.. And pray these injections do eventually work. 



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    hello physell!
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    as far as your drug test, ask your doctor for a new test or blood work. if it is a false reading and want to clear this up you might have to go an independent and have a drug test done. this is something to need to get cleared up.
    i have had several facet injections and never had any side effects. but then everyone is different. bring this up with your doctor.

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