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Old Symptoms Back Plus New Toe Numbness After Lumbar Decompression

I am 34 and just had a lumbar decompression of my L3/L4 and L4/L5  five days ago to relieve left leg pain and numbness after all other failed attempts.

I felt immediate relief of the symptoms in my left leg right after surgery but upon getting up and heading home my pre surgery pain and muscle pulling so to speak came right back and has been quite unbearable every since. Pretty much back to square one with the awkwardness and pain as if I never had surgery. I only felt instant relief right upon waking up from surgery.

Aside from that, only five days post surgery I have completely new numbness that comes and goes in my left toes to the point that it is very uncomfortable.

I would love comments on similar experiences. Is this is normal having irritated everything in the area? Is it just the nerves healing? Has anyone else had this experience? Should I be concerned?



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    you are very early in recovery and nerves do not like being trapped and sometimes caused problems after surgery, from being released.  speak to your rmedical team to check this is what they would they expect with your personal condition and surgery.

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