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Numb and tingling in arms and hands after cervical block

I had a nerve block at c6/c7 this morning and about 4 hours later I developed tingling in my left hand . Over the next few hours the tingling increased and spread to both Hans and fore arms. 

I’ve had over 20 blocks and this is the first time this has happened. I’m calling the Dr tomorrow but was wondering if any one else had this happen and how long did it last. So far it has been going on non stop for 4 hours no change. 



  • Hi I just had a cerivical steroid injection and I'm having arm shoulder and hand pain,.it started right when I was leaving yesterday from the surgery center, called the drs offivo and was told that it was a routine injection and if I don't talk better go to my ER did yours go away? Just wondering what happened



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