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Pain in both legs

This is my first post here, so if I did something wrong let me know. Let's start about 2 years ago I bent over and pop went my back. I did all the normal things you guys talk about. The result was l4 l5 disc herniation and DDD. L4 nerve root compression. Then l5 s1 herniation and DDD with formal stenosis, and bone spurs. I have done everything short of surgery. I tried to go back to work. Lasted a year with many returns to the dr for light pain meds and check ups.

2 months ago I picked up 20 bags of flower that are 45 lbs each. I worked as a gm of subway. I was able to put many trucks away with no problem. Well not this time. I picked up the last bag and pop in lower back with burning. The next day I got up in the morning and could not put any weight on my legs at alla With much help went to the er. Got the normal shots, morphine, steroids, and relaxer. They did a ct scan but couldn't tell me anything. Said i need an mri. So next day went to pcp and he did all the normal exam. He thinks i have l5 s1 herniation with pinched nerve. I have no deep tendon reflex of the ankle with other indicators. I have been in bed rest ever since, for about 2 months. I can only walk, sit, and stand for about 30 minutes.

I have new things going on. I have the same intense burning in both legs now. Legs are getting weaker and the pain is unbelievable. It hurts alladay everyday all day. The most intense burning in the whole legs. Yes both of them. I asked for an mri and my insurance denied it. The Dr is not taking me seriously. I am going to Orthopedic specialists. But why is my satica in both legs and why is the pain so intense. I can do nothing, I mean nothing. Can you help? 



  • Are you I'm the USA? You can appeal the insurance company decision and see if they wI'll approve the mri?  I did not see any treatment they are giving you... physical therapy or meds I will tell you that for me personally that gabapentin helped immensely with the burning leg pain but it didn't pop right into my doctors head (I'm 32 so he figured I might recover quickly without medication.... wrong ) 

    I have been told sciatica but mine was at one point in both legs and now it switches the right side generally only hurts when I first get out of bed and the left side the rest of the time. 

    Did they tell you to be on bedrest? Generally that makes matters worse but I guess that depends on what your doctor said. 

    I hope you find answers soon from the moment I started my extreme pain 6 months later I'm 60% better unfortunately without the mri a diagnosis is hard but I'd try to appeal the insurance or even ask what it would cost out of pocket. 

  • Did you file a worker’s comp claim? You should consider googling worker’s comp. attorneys in your area. 

    One nasty disc injury has the potential to cause lifelong disturbances and impairments; therefore, it’s imperative to at least consider consulting a WC attorney.

    Unfortunately, you say you have herniated L4-L5 and L5-S1 in the past so if you get a new MRI and either of those discs are the culprit, WC will fight you like a rabid dog, screaming “pre-existing!! pre-existing!!”

    However, a good WC attorney can navigate the complexities of “the system” to get you over hurdles that, under normal circumstances, are likely to stonewall you.

    Going it alone would be difficult unless you have a thorough background in WC law for your state.

    Please note this is not medical or legal advice (not allowed per forum rules) but rather just my general take of what strikes me upon reading your story.

    Good luck and please keep us posted.

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    to me, this is definitely a workman's comp. but in the meantime, have you thought about getting another opinion from a neurologist or neurosurgeon? they can usually get an mri ran through insurance.

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    good luck and keep us posted on your progress.
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  • wendy2018, as for what you may expect next, the neurosurgeon should be able to quickly assess whether surgery will be right for you and give you a detailed diagnosis and prognosis. Once I had my first appt w neuro, he saw the problems and immediately said we needed to take care of this and sent me to hospital to start getting my pre-op paperwork started. The following week I had surgery. The neurosurgeons office will handle all the referrals and paperwork to deal with insurance or at least they did for me. It was actually a smooth process. Oftentimes insurance companies require you to go through other failed treatments before approving surgeries but any good neuro knows how to work around/with insurance companies to get you approved for surgery “if” that’s what’s deemed to be the best course of action in your specific case. Hope you feel better soon! (This post was just my personal experience I went through for first time about 4mos ago, so it may be totally different process for others.)

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