Artificial disc now puncturing my spinal cord.

Hi all it has been awhile since I have been on. I tell you I have been discouraged I feel like I have been on this merry go round where my spine is concerned. I WANT OFF!  In 2016 My doctor in Oregon told me he wanted to replace the bad disc in my cervical spine with an artificial one. He said, if he would have fused it, it would cause me to possibly be paralyzed because what has been happening is a domino affect every time I have a surgery the dics below it blows. I have already had 4 other fusions in my cervical spine from C3 thru C6. Then the doctor put in the artificial dish in my C2 blown disc. Well about the last 4 months I kept feeling like my neck was out and man it shot pain down my spinal cord and into my arms I would get these horrible headaches.. I could not turn my head to the left of right either. I thought maybe it was because of all the fusions. So I went to see if I can get a spinal stimulator put into my neck , which some of you might have seen where I posted about that. So I was all set to get the surgery and my surgeon canceled it because he was concerned about my symptoms. So my neurosurgeon sends me to a Neurologist. I saw the Neurologist last week and she said, I am really concerned as she was looking at my cervical MRI from last year. She said the artificial disc is puncturing the spinal cord. She said, I do not like this! I looked at her like what!? When I saw a spinal surgeon last year he said, I was fine and not to have anymore neck surgeries. In fact he acted like I had the plague or something which I felt strange about it when I left his office.. Anyway so my Neurologist ordered another MRI.  It sure would explain the feeling like my neck is out all the time. So I am waiting and getting the MRI. 

Anyone else have problems with their artificial discs? 



  • Why would a neurosurgeon send you to a neurologist instead or back to the surgeon who put the disc in.

    You sure have some complication going on. I hope I don't have to go there.

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    He sent me to the Neurologist because I have neurological symptoms that look like MS. That is why he stopped before putting the spinal stimulator in. He knew there were more issues and wanted to clear everything else up before it was put in. I sure hope you do not have to deal with that either. Did you have artificial discs put in?

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  • Thank you for posting that- I am scheduled to have a mobi-c implant in C4-5 and C5-6 after a fusion 9 years ago at C6-7. I have been really nervous and there is not a lot of information on this condition - 

  • I never heard of a Mobi C Plant. I hope it works for you.

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