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body Survived 1st week post -op cervical spine surgery

Exhausted ,but I'm getting it figured out.Today I am allowed to have my first shower since the morning of the23rd-Jan.a fun day for this kid? NOT!! Routine surgery for my NS DR.No problem with nausea since day one. Main pains are the kind to be expected probably. Always there  are at least 1/2 dozen places in pain... and that disturbs  sleep.This morning I decided to just make this day  one of simple rest in bed.My scalp was sore from the very first.  Humm? Why my scalp? Aha! found and read the internerve brochure. well ok! they inserted thin needles into my scalp during my time in surgery , brochure explained this may cause tenderness in the scalp. the spots are still sore  a week later.And the hard Alpine collar always is hurting. Mostly where the foam pad insert works / wrinkles  below the edges of the hard plastic.Worst place to hurt is where the back of my skull forms its prominent knob. so when lying down the center most  upper place of the back of the brace presses hard on that skull spot. Sooo sore. I folded up a small piece of polar fleece  to make a pad to place between my skull knob and the protruding into it plastic brace edge.  Swallowing is pretty frustrating.Pills lodge in back of throat.I have an anterior  horizontal incision.(which btw is becoming quite tender-putting pressure on right side of neck that feels kinda swollen... not unusual.Edge of collar that fits CLOSE under my throat is tight against my neck/throat anatomy.Steristrips are still attached to incision. Maybe fall off / loosen up during my . shower. Clementine segments are good.And  my coffee. Not much in the way of an appetite.I had a 2 level cervical spine disk surgery complete with plate and screws.Dr told me 'they' took the pressure off. - off my pinched nerves.Reason for this lengthy spiel is to mayby catch up with somebody... anybody that kinda sorta will relate to my situation. And just think... I've barely gotten started on my long road to recovery.A good thing I'm still tough... at going on 77.



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    hi rigadoon0510

    Welcome to Veritas Health Forum

    congratulations on getting through that first week :-)

    not sure if you have found surgery buddies group yet under 'forum topics' but they are great for support after surgery.  just click on the group and add a message to join in if you would like to connect with other members that are just through surgery.

    i have not had any cervical surgeries as yet, just three lumbar surgeries, so i cannot help with tips on the collar.  i hope things improve in that department.

    i have added two links below to help new members with information and these also contain the forum rules.  there is lots of material to research that will give you the power of knowledge.

    welcome to spine health

    all new members should take the system tutorial 

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