Help with lots of questions



I had a huge surgery on Jan. 11 2018 and I get my staples removed tomorrow.  

Does anyone have some advice on what to expect??

I'm nervous that it's

going to hurt.

I called my primary care physician to have him call in some lidocaine so my husband can numb me up before appointment lol. 

Also I can give some after surgery care pointers that worked well for me and some that didn't. 

I don't feel that I explained earlier everything that I have gone through this is your 2018 starting around 2008 I started having back problems I have seizures and had two car accidents while driving which look like one time I flipped my car several times and the other time I ran up a telephone pole neither one had helped my back any only worsened it I fell off my porch this year March and fractured my thoracic spine and vertebrates which made my scoliosis rotate upwards they called it rotoscoliosis and my muscles on my right side was twisting to my left side so when they done Mighty lift T10 to pelvis they also had to pull my muscles over to the left to have them put in the right place and do what they're supposed to do. Also had to help get bone aspiration from my hips to me the recovery from that was more hellacious than the actual surgery. I am two weeks after my surgery and I'm walking probably 4000 steps a day I have a dog that likes to go outside and they tell you to do what you can handle and I feel like I can handle that so far so good. however as many that I have read putting my shoes on is a big negative my husband has to put them on before he goes to work which I hate wearing shoes all days but I have no other choice. I go back to the doctor tomorrow February first 2018 to get the Staples taken from my back out. I'm kind of scared to have them taken out right now they feel to me they are my security blanket and my back is not going to split open which I have nightmares dad is going to split open the minute they take them out that's just my crazy head talkin. All in all I have listened since the beginning of my back pains in 2008 that these doctors want to send you to their doctors that they are friends with and I got tired of it so December of 2017 I branched out on my own and done some research and found an awesome doctor in Fort Worth Texas who actually listen to me spoke to me to where I understood what he had he had many models to show me what to expect what was going on in my back at the moment and what to expect after the surgery I had to go to classes on what to expect during and after surgery care and I follow these rules to the T. Like said I am 2 weeks post-op and it's amazing I can stand up straight As word my son used to tell me that I'm shrinking and I would just laugh him off he come over this past Saturday and told me that I look taller that was the first thing he noticed that brought a smile to my face cuz I had lost 30% of my height and I am standing up more straight than I ever have since high school basically I had to throw a lot of my shoes away because of how I was walking prior to surgery just the shape of how the souls at the boots were from the way I was walking I tried to wear them the other day and I can no longer walk that way so one-sided to this I did get to go shoe shopping and I feel very comfortable in the shoes that I have chosen mainly walking shoes. if you feel like you're stuck in a rut from going to doctors at your doctor is referring you too and you have a PPO insurance I ordered you to research doctors in your area that takes care of the problems that you are having right now and just go and see that doctor on your own you have nothing to lose I certainly didn't. the doctor I found was amazing is amazing he called me just the other night wanting to know how I was doing how I was feeling how my pain level was and I told him that I was back down to just a to Suboxone a day and don't have a lot of pain anymore and that's just two weeks after the surgery I had a what the doctors called a TLIF from my thorasic 5 down to my pelvisor iliac. I am a very determined woman and I believe what has helped me a lot is the Boost drinks they have a lot of protein and a lot of vitamins and stuff I continue to drink them after the surgery as well of course after a meal is better cuz they make you feel much Fuller I know my limitations and I stick to those limitations if I feel like I can't do it I turn around and come back home but I like being outdoors and walking outdoors and the joy of my life is taking my dog for a walk but she knows that if Mama can't make it is time to come back home. another thing I read is a support system very important to have that support system. I have learned these past two weeks some very helpful things that I've learned to do on my own and some very not so helpful things that I tried to do on my own. one thing that I did learn that I thought would help is a walking cane huge mistake it made me sore in places on my back say if I was using my left hand  with the cane I soon started having muscle spasms on my left side so hard-headed me I used it with my right hand and the same thing happened. I use my Walker in the mornings until I have my balance back and then it gets put up for the rest of the day. I don't know how others get in the bed but I crawl in my bed and I use that position to take my socks off it seems to be easier for me I don't lie straight in bed always sideways that seems to be more comfortable for me it works so I'm going to stay that way the most important thing you can do is walk walk out the soreness walk out the uncomfortableness walk out whatever is going wrong with you but know your limitations do not overdo it. another thing listen listen to your doctors and if you have any questions at all whether you think they're stupid or not ask the question we need to remember that our doctors work for us we don't work for our doctors and if something is bothering you like I said whether you think it's nothing or you think it's a big thing just listen to your gut we know our bodies more than anybody else if you think you can wait till your next appointment then wait till that appointment if not make an appointment and go see your doctor sometimes little things can be big things or they can be just that little things but we don't have a Ph.D so we don't know and yes we are scared of what to expect after such a large surgery. now I have a question or two if anyone has had this type of surgery rather it be smaller or larger I was cut from my shoulder blades down to my iliac and they had to put cages in between my I guess my vertebras or whatever there was no Cushing it was bone on I also have metal rods screws and in plates in the same areas so I can't do any bending except for at the hips my question is will I be able to go back to work? I know I'll never be able to do the work I was doing before which I loved I detailed RVs and I've been working since I was 15 years old I miss working the staying at home drives me crazy I guess that's why I walk so much but also have seizures however the medical board and the state took my driver's license away due to having to seizures while driving. I have severe bipolar depression which I have to take two different medications for and I also have Ulnar  tardy nerve palsy in my left hand which is my dominant hand that causes me to lose all sensation in my left arm and hand which causes me to drop a lot of things and I don't even know that I have let go of them because my whole side left side has gone numb no . I know none of that has anything to do with a scoliosis site that I am speaking on but just due to the scoliosis surgery and my limitations if I can get a professional opinion from the doctor's or or a personal opinion from others that's going through this were you able to go back to work and work a full 40 hour week and how long did it take for you to be able to hold down a 40 hour week job. sorry this post is so long and God bless you that read it all the way through any advice any comments are welcome because nobody knows it all if we did then life wouldn't be interesting. again thank you for listening have a beautiful day and remember keep pushing yourself go that extra step we can always go just a little further just a little feather just a little further



  • Do not worry about your incision splitting open.  I have had two back surgeries and they didn't even put staples or stitches on the outside they glued me together. lol  seriously I was glued together and I never split open and even after being cut twice in the same place I have a nice not that bad scar, I imagine it will not be too bad at all after the 7 years they say it takes for it to heal up to look its best.  You will do fine and after 2 C sections and a total hysterectomy I have had several staples removed it sounds more painful than it is.  Hope all goes well.

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