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Need some advice please. Long story but I’ll try to keep it concise. For a year now I have been dealing with lower back pain. Pretty much non stop pain to be exact and it started as a complete sudden onset from picking up my backpack for work. 

I started with PT to try and rehab after a few weeks of the pain not subsiding. Continued with everything else possible for months and months with the pain starting to travel down my left leg, mostly anterior thigh. I finally got an MRI because I thought an ESI might help. My MRI was not bad really. Two levels of DDD l4/l5.. and S1. Disc protrusions of 4mm. Now I have had 3 spinal injections with little success and only a few weeks of relief with the last one being about a month ago from a transforminal approach.  3rd has helped the most however..

The first 2 surgeons (ortho) I saw couldn’t really find a diagnosis for my pain.  Did not recommend Surgery but did order a CT scan.

The 3rd doc I have just seen is a Neurosurgeon at UCSD and is recommending a L4/5 Left Laminectomy based off of the minor narrowing he sees at that level on my new CT scan. 

Ok so all this said I don’t know what to do really. I’m so tired of the pain it’s difficult most times to know what the smart move is to do. My brother is a PT who is mad at me for even considering Surgery but I’m def getting desperate. 

Does it make sense to have a L4/5 Left sided Lami based off of these symptoms and would it help me? 

Symptoms: Back pain, flank pain both sides, Left anterior thigh pain, with a touch of calf and foot nerve issues... sitting is the worst

make 180 lbs 6’0” 36 y/o

Any feed back is helpful. Thanks all



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  • Yes I had an MRI first which read fairly normal. Two levels of disc disease with 4mm bulges. The Neurosurg ordered the CT scan because he didn’t see anything abareant on the MRI. 

    After the CT scan he decided on the Lami L4/5 due to narrowing. Make sense? 

    Thanks for your advice. Mostly wondering if the L4/5 nerve root correlates with anterior thigh pain and burning. 

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