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Calcium supplements post fusion surgery? Please share your thoughts & experience

On my surgeon's website, there was a suggestion to take calcium supplements (not calcium carbonate) pre-surgery.

Now I'm post surgery, and wondering as these bones begin to fuse if the calcium is helpful and how much to take and for how long.

Your thoughts?



  • Hi steffie

    I guess all surgeon's suggestions are different.

    For me personally, my surgeon said no supplement, just eat a good, well balanced diet.

    When I spoke to my nurse pre-op about diet and weight, she told me not to cut out dairy or protein, just to deal with weight issues by portion control.  This is something I do anyway, just finding it hard to remove excess weight that appear with pregabalin and I can't shift it now!

    I always advise all members to follow their surgeon's/team exactly, as they know your condition and advise while considering that.


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