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Help! My old bones need nourishment too!

 So much now days is poured out into the  pile of  smart stuff for us seniors  to read that focuses on diets for every part of our anatomy's good health

but it's compiled by young folks who mean well only they just don't relate. I'm interested in learning an honestly best and time tested diet featuring 

supplements and senior friendly foods that have calcium in them that our old more fragile bones will actually absorb and benefit from. My spine bones 

 especially need access to good calcium. I am early on in the healing business of cervical spine /disc surgery. I know the fragile neck vertebrae will require a lot of 

time and careful watch to not move in any way that could interfere with the graft fusion. The problem causing my troubles is osteoarthritis of the spine. 

And the other culprit is osteoporosis. I am 76 and I hope to be around for many more productive years but I truly would like to adapt to a feasible affordable 

proven way of eating that my bones will get a lot of benefit out of.  I know that walking and sunshine are very good for aiding in the absorption of calcium but i live in 

the country and sometimes during the winter months walking around outside isn't a very sensible idea when recovering from cervical spine surgery

and there are days when the  sun  can't get through the cloud cover.I just thought maybe some of you older people  who read the posts on here may know of 

ways to improve on the health of our aging frames.Thanks.R.



  • Hi, I'm 37 and don't have osteoporosis  or anything - but I would recommend getting your vitamin D level checked by your Dr if you are worried about calcium absorption (it's a basic blood test). Mine was really low - so I have been taking pills for years now. Apparently it is pretty common to be deficient, particularly during winter. Good luck!

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