Pain beyond control

Question - has anyone been admitted recently for pain?  My pain has been through the roof for about 4 days now, yet my regular pain meds aren’t helping at all.  My butt, legs, hips and penis are throbbing from pain, does anyone have any suggestions or insight they can share help with?  Thanks 



  • Hi, I was admitted two weeks ago today. One week post l4/5 microdiscectomy. My pain reached a point where I was unable to stand mobilise without excruciating pain. I was in 4 days in total while they got the pain under control and a new plan in place.

    One of the meds I was taking caused hyperlagesia. Since discharge the pain has been better and much more manageable.

    Get this checked out, speak to your doctor or if you have had surgery your surgeon. 

    I hope you can get this sorted and it improves soon. 

  • Nutcase 007 - yes I had an mri in August 2017 and a C5-C7 fusion on 10/31/2017.  This flair up is one of the worst I’ve ever had, nothing is seems to help and I see my doc monthly, I need a fusion of L3/L4.  Did they do anything to help you when you wnent into pain crisis?  

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  • KerryD - thank you for this information, something just isn’t right.  Did you doc have you admitted?  

  • The last time I was at the ER which was approximately 6 months ago, I was in the worst pain cycle that I felt like I had ever had.  My daughter is the one that convinced me to go and then drove me in.  She told the Doctor and nurses that this was the worst state she had ever seen me in.  I couldn't remain still because I was in such pain and terrible nausea.  They tried all the protocol drugs and after being there almost 3 hours and feeling like I was about to lose it, the Doctor came in and looked me in the eye and said "You know your body best, what do you feel would work for you at this point."  I suggested meds IV or IM along with more Zofran and then try to keep some oral Percocet down.  Part of my problem was that I had not been able to keep my narcotic meds down for two days so was in full withdrawal as well as terrible pain.  So she gave me a hefty dose of Morphine and the zofran and it was great for like an hour and a half and then things started heading South again.  She then gave me a dose of Dilaudid with zofran and Vistaril, waited 40 minutes and had me take a dose of Percocet and then another an hour later. That's what it took to break the cycle and I was able to go home and continue home meds.

    Twice while I was there my daughter asked about admitting me for pain control which they have done several times in the past.  First the PA said that the hospital administration did not allow them to admit for pain control anymore.  I think she didn't believe it because then when the Doctor came in, she asked her as well and she told her the same thing, that they were not allowed to admit for pain control anymore.  What???  So if this went on for days, would they keep you in the ER or kick your butt out the door?  I was very confused by that.  Glad you brought this up because I had totally forgotten about it.  Really, wonder what they would do if nothing worked?


  • KerryDKKerryD Posts: 18
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    @bidbeaner99 I was admitted through the emergency department for pain management as I was taken there by ambulance and unable to mobilise without excruciating pain. I’m based in Australia but can’t see it as being different.

    Let me know how you go.. 

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  • @bldbeaner99 - Is there any possibility that you have become tolerant to your regular pain meds and need to try something else to deal with the tolerance?  That happens to me every few years.  I have to change my long acting med back and forth between Oxycontin and MS Contin.  That may not be the problem at all, just thought I would throw it out there just in case.  Like I said in my last reply, that is what happened to me 6 months ago when I had to go to the ER.  After they got the flare stopped, I went in the very next day and had the Doctor change my meds and all has been fine since.  I will go back to the MS Contin next month. 

    One thing that was a little surprising to me about that particular ER Visit is how the Doctor so thoroughly checked me out.  I have been to this hospital lots of times over 18 years so they know me.  I am sure there is lots and lots of info in my file about previous visits.  She called my PM Doctor, pulled the Prescription Database to see what I had filled recently and by whom.  The nurse also said she called the pharmacy which I don't know why that would be necessary if she looked at the database already.  Maybe they just have new protocol that says they have to investigate everyone in this manner, I don't know.  I was really irritated and so was my daughter that I had to spend so many hours trying all their protocol drugs before she would give me what we both knew had the best chance of working.  This is the first time in a very long time that the Doctor hasn't just asked me what normally works in this situation and just gave it to me and I would be out the door within an hour.  Mostly we were irritated  because we both knew how completely miserable I was and the nurse gave me 8 different drugs(no exaggeration) and I had to wait at least 30 minutes between each one to see if it was going to work.  I think they gave me two drugs together one time.  Having been thru this protocol many times over the years I knew none of it was going to help one iota, but you always have to act as if they might.  Another reason my daughter was frustrated is because my BP was 185/105 which she knew was dangerous and that until I got the shot that worked, it would continue to stay super high.  As soon as I got the right treatment, the BP started coming down and out of the dangerous range within 30 minutes.  After the final shot and dose of percocet it was back to 136/90.

    Anyway, sorry I got off topic.  Have you gotten your pain flare under control?  If so, what broke it?  Hopefully you didn't have to go thru the nightmare I did.  So sorry this became a book!  Hope you are doing much better.


  • Cindy - thanks for all the info- no I’m still in a crazy state of pain, I’ve been roughing it out, I have a couple things going on, I had a pain pump in which my body rejected and was removed in June of 2017, the catheter Was left in also.  Since then I have an infected cyst the size of a baseball at the base of my spine at least that’s what my last mri said.  I also have herniated discs at l3&l4 as well as T1-T3. Over the last week we have moved and I couldn’t do much the stress has caused a lot of pain.  My surgeon is also my pain doc said I could go to the Er and try to get admitted but he couldn’t do anything, which I tho was ridiculous.  I also just had c5-C7 fused on Halloween 2017.  I feel like the entire lower half of my body is on fire.  I’m seriously lost and my surgeon/pain doc suggested putting the pump back in.  I’m truly at a loss.  I’m wondering if I should call my primary doc as I’ve seen him for years and he has helped me in the past between pain docs. When I say everything hurts below my waist I mean everything.  I haven’t eaten/spelt in 4 days .  I’m truly at a loss and trying to fight thru.  No my regular meds aren’t helping at this time and still aren’t  


  • KerryD- thank you for your input and guidance.  If I go another day/night without food/sleep I’m gonna call for an ambulance.  I can’t move without using 2 canes to walk.  Im 45 and have dealt with this on and offf since I was 19 when I was diagnosed with DDD, this is by far the worst it has ever been.  Ive never let pain get me down yet it has now.  It’s very hard to feel broken and not understand why it’s so hard to ger help!  

  • OMG!  I didn't realize all that was going on with you.  Bless your heart you have been thru alot and then having to move in the middle of it all?  My goodness, how stressful that must have been.  I think you are correct and should call your primary Doctor and see if he or she could at least help to get this flare under control.  I mean until you get that accomplished, nothing else can really be dealt with.  Call your primary, get in there and just see what they have to say.  It certainly can't hurt anything and unlike an ER doctor, he or she knows your complicated history.  Tell them you need in right now, and don't take no for an answer.  If you can't take the pain any longer, go to the ER, but it may be that your primary might even be willing to admit you for pain control and like I said, they know your history so won't be trying meds you have already tried.  Please do that and let us know how things are going.  You have to get this pain under control because it puts so much stress on your body which isn't good.  Let us know how things go.


  • @bidbeaner99 - please keep us updated on how you get on and progress. Sending healing to you 

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