Pain beyond control



  • Cindy - yes it has been a tough 2018 thus far, it only has to get better!  I’ve finally obtained a little relief, I had taken 4 ice baths to finally get this flare up to settle down.  Sorry for the delay in responding to you all, I’m still in pretty rough shape but I can handle this!  Heat does seem to help....I see my surgeon in about a week and half and need to really get this last surgery done, which is a 3 part surgery.  Again, thank you alll for continuing to check on me.  Hope you all are having a good day!  Michael 

  • Kerry D - thank you very much!  Hope your having a great day! 

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  • @bidbeaner99 I saw my pain consultant on Friday and she’s changed my medications around, my body was getting used to the Tapentadol and my pain was increasing. We’ve switched to Norspan patches for a month, to help during the recovery process and fingers crossed I’m seeing an improvement already, despite it taking 3 days to take effect! 

    Let me know how you get on with the surgeon and fingers crossed you can keep the pain at a manageable level until then.

  • KerryD - that’s great, I’m glad things are working for you!   We have tried a few different meds over the last couple months, nothing really has worked.  Over the last day the pain has  started to increase again, something needs to be done. ...another opinion, my primary doc, I don’t know.  Gonna try and get a game plan together tomorrow!  

  • When my disc reherniated nothing really gave me any relief and my surgeon was quite blunt in telling me that it wouldn’t until I had the second surgery - he was absolutely right!

    Get another opinion and keep pushing. I may always have some degree of pain, and always have weakness in my right foot but the level of pain you say you have is not right. Keep us posted...

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  • KerryD - I agree and have been a little research today on the infected cyst at the base of my spine....upon further information, many of the symptoms I am experiencing could be the infected cyst.  The cyst is continuing to grow and is filled with spinal fluid, It’s could also be the herniated disc.  I’m searching for a doc to obtain a 2nd opinion now.  The pain is coming back and getting worse, along with the other symptoms it all makes perfect sense.  

  • @bidbeaner99 - makes perfect sense. Uncontrollable, non treatable pain is not right. Please keep me posted :) 

  • KerryD & Cindy - first thank you guys so much for helping me thru this and although it’s still going on it appears we have an answer or should I say somewhat of an answer, doc ordered an MRI and it appears I have a perineural cyst that is wrapped around my spinal nerves, as well as having herniated discs at L3&L4.  He has ordered more imaging to know exactly what he needs to do when he gets in there but it appears to be a really tough surgery.  I will keep you posted when I find out more but you all have been great through this!  

  • @bidbeaner99 - whilst not the best news I’m really glad you’ve got some answers and that there is a potential solution. Not a good solution as it’s surgery but fingers crossed a solution nonetheless. 

  • KerryD - yes, yes and yes.  It isn’t ideal, but we have answers and a possible solution, after this next imaging we will know more!  But answers and a plan of attack seem to relieve some stress!  Fingers crossed!  

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