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Advice please Fusion L5-S1

Hi, I had a spinal fusion to L5-S1 on the 28th September 2017, where an anterior and posterior fusion was done, after a 5 day hospital stay I was discharged and my recovery started, I returned to part time work just before xmas doing initially 2 hours per day three days per week then up to where I am now doing 4 hours per day five days per week. My job is in retail as a manager of ten staff (and all that entails) things we're going well, physio good etc, until I had a fall between xmas and new year, the pain ret Red and numbness started back in my left legfast forward to end of Jan and I returned to see my surgeon who was concerned about the return of the pain, X-ray and ct scan and it was found I had fractured the top of L5 causing the pain to get worst, it was also found one of the posterior screws was slightly touching a nerve. The surgeon told me to stop physio and to take things very easy until the bone healed. Unfortunately I am a bit of an idiot and returned to work again doing very light duties, where today I was organising my staff and I fell on a slippery floor onto my right side, now my left leg is "buzzing" and there is a quite a bit of pain in my lower back. Being a public holiday in New Zealand public services are almost nonexistent so I guess I have to wait. I guess my question is should have I had an L4-S1 done as it is apparent L5 is very week, or is that something in my future?



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    hi david112233

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    i personally didn't have any choice about which levels to have fused, my surgeons only work with ones that are symptomatic and they said they always fuse the minimum.

    sorry to hear about your second fall.  you are going to have to take the advice of your surgeon from your first fall until you can phone him/her to report this problem.

    if you are experiencing any new numbness or bladder/bowel issues, you should take get emergency medical assistance or advice,via an emergency room or family doctor

    please keep us updated once you have seen your surgeon.

    please re-read the forum rules relating to member and medical advice.  it is against forum rules to give medical advice.

    i have added two links below to help new members with information and these also contain the forum rules.  there is lots of material to research that will give you the power of knowledge.

    welcome to spine health

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