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Professional Athlete... Back pain ruining my life



  • As they say, muscle has memory. 

    Too often people get hurt and are afraid of losing many months (or even a year or two) from doing what they want to at the gym.

    The tendency is for “gym rats” to “overdo it” for fear of losing even more muscle mass. 

    I personally know a woman who is more active now (and driven and motivated to be more active) ever since her L4-L5 fusion. 

    Obviously she didn’t go gung-ho until x months post-surgery but the attitude of pushing yourself when you know something is not right inside your body is unfortunate and can be downright toxic.

    So much of it is psychological too. The fear of never getting back to where you were prior to injury. 

    It may be that you never get back to 100% but I’ve also seen people instead attain 150% or 200% (this is possible because certain people were not operating anywhere near their full potential prior to injury, due to boredom, laziness, lack of drive, etc.).

    Being injured makes us realize how valuable it is to not be in pain. Only after we’re hurt in a big way can we appreciate this. 

    At the end of the day if injury and recovery from it allows us to have a fresh perspective and appreciation for the human body that can indeed go a long way.

  • Thank you again for all the replies.

    I seriously feel like a dummy waiting so long to 

    1. Post in a forum and get feedback from others with backpain 

    2. Get an MRI

    My Chiropractor and some others have just kept ensuring me that it wasn't serious and will get better on its own. obviously the amount of time my back has been out of whack is a huge cause for concern.

    I'm almost anxious to finally have the MRI done and find out what the underlying issue is. I should be getting the scan done next week sometime hopefully.

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  • Don,t feel like a dummy! Trust me, most of us have put off what we should have done earlier and ended up with permanent damage ( I for one am part of that club ) But I’m thankful your listening and taking our advice. If your given the option, take the MRI with contrast. It’s more helpful to the MDs and radiologist who will be reading the results. Please keep us posted and know we’re always here....David


    Veritas-Health Forum Moderator

  • Thanka DavidG. The analogy you used about me stepping into your "ring" really made it click and put things into perspective. I always heard about people's personal cases of chronic back pain and used to think, "oh that'd never happen to me." Jinx.

    I've been doing a lot of research into PRP injections and it's looking like a practical approach depending on my results.

    But I'll play it one step at a time and try to stay as optimistic as possible!

  • L4_L5LL4_L5 Posts: 1,434
    edited 02/10/2018 - 10:44 PM

    If you think an MRI is pricey look up PRP injections. Severe sticker shock!!  :o

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  • Congrats on such success first off. i am new to this as well but it does help reading and chatting with others. 

    I have had 5 back/neck surgeries in the last 18 months and unfortunately there is nothing else they can do for me i have DDD (degenerative disc disease, arthritis and spinal stenosis . I was very very active myself and had pain here and there like your saying for years. once i thought i pulled a muscle about 23 years old and from that point on it was every several months until i was about 28 (now 30) when it just didn't go away come to find out i waited so long with herniated discs in neck and my back that i caused permanent nerve damage in my right leg from my nerve being compressed for so long so i agree with everyone that you should def get an MRI also the contrast will also help show your nerves so there is no missing ANYTHING i have had a lot of complications through this and actually just had my 8th MRI both with and without contrast today so i am what you can say a little familiar with all of this. I know i see on TV all the time you can go to laser spine centers and receive a free MRI ??? maybe something look into but def money worth spent just to be safe i hope all is well and you continue to pursue your dreams in MMA. let us know how things go? i am awaiting results myself from today and im thinking its mainly scar tissue but i understand the stress of not knowing.. i truly believe thru everything i have been thru with my back and neck (fusions, microdisectomy , and artificial discs even placed) that doing physical therapy and stretching is a MUST to keep the pain under control obviously what your body allows. some days i cant bend my leg and i push to do my therapy. sorry so long but i wanted to stress the fact not to wait i wish i wouldn't have i could have less issues now and i am only 30. (not saying its serious, but again better safe than sorry) 

  • Combat, you’ll do fine! You have several advantages such as being young and in good health. Stay optimistic is a priority! Let the orthopedic spine surgeon or the neurosurgeon be your new trainer for awhile and listen to their guidance! I know your a type A personality so don’t push the recovery but follow the MDs instructions to a T!  How you handle this issue will affect the rest of your life! Our advice is free, but our experience and stories cost us a lot and not financially, so please take the advice!..David


    Veritas-Health Forum Moderator

  • Combat when you get your MRI results post us a message I am curious as to what they found.

  • Hey guys, I have my MRI appointment tonight. Will keep you guys posted on the results.

    Thank you all again for investing your time and concern in me 

  • Hey guys, I have my MRI appointment tonight. Will keep you guys posted on the results.

    Thank you all again for investing your time and concern in me.
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