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I just found out after waiting 5 months since the trial that my insurance has approved me for the Algovita SCS. I am now a little nervous. Can anyone that has had this put in for lower back pain let me know how you are doing, has it made a difference in your pain?  How bad does the incision site hurt?  I am having it done the 21st of Feb. How long recovery? I work at a desk. I have wanted this so bad and now I am getting it and I am so nervous. All input welcome. 

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  • @cassie1231 SCS for low back pain or failed back surgery syndrome is a common application. Most people do well with this treatment assuming the trial was successful. The first few days after surgery will be painful. But if you have a desk job you could be back to work in as little as one week.

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    Hi Cassie, you should expect a very significant reduction in your pain. Algovita is the newest SCS product on the market and , in my opinion, has significant advantages including excellent pain relief, a smaller more powerful ipg ( less charging) easy to steer leads with best in class pain coverage, an easy to use small controller and a huge number of program choices. Also, as Vince mentioned lower back pain has the highest scs success rate. Good luck! Please keep us posted.

  • Thank you BDUBS and Vince in Philly. I appreciate the feedback. I am so ready to be off of pain meds. They honestly scare me. My pain is all lower back and the trial was good. I was able to do so much more with the device in. One of my biggest concerns right now is the AFTER.  I ride horses and I am very active and the Dr is telling me it takes about 12 weeks. That's a long time to not bend, twist or lift when you live on a ranch. So I am between a rock and hard place. 

  • @cassie1231 the 12 weeks will go by slowly. Once the surgical pain is gone you'll be tempted to do more than you're supposed to do. But you don't want to do too much and cause the leads to migrate. You have to consider the 12 weeks of relative inactivity as an investment in your health. Chances are you'll be more comfortable and more active after the surgery than before, and have fewer bad days where you can't ride.

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  • Hi Cassie,  I am just wondering how life has been for you since you’re Algovita system Was implanted. How was your trial? I am going for the trial system Tuesday 10th of April and feeling extremely nervous and I am not usually a nervous person. But after  Constant unrelenting pain since June 2012 I am desperate  for some help with my pain 

  • Hello Cassie.

    I'm 82 years old. The Algovita SCS was implanted in my lower right back Sept. 8th, 2017.  For me it was well worthwhile. I Suffered with advanced spinal stenosis & arthritis for many decades.Herniated a lumbar disc 20 years ago.Went thru years of pain management including Opioids, Nsaids and many, many epidural injections to control pain. Even a  Discectomy and a Spinal Fusion did not relieve my pain. I suffered for 20 years with nocturnal back & leg spasms so bad I couldn't get a full nights sleep.Pain was so bad I fell and fractured another lumbar disc which had to be rebuilt.  Since my implant with the Algovita  i'm much better overall. And with the stimuIator on a low setting I sleep most of the night without pain or spasm.I use that low level  at night and sometimes a high level of stimulation during heavy daytime activity. The stimulator dominates the pain, rather than terminating it. It is a surgical appliance not a cure.The Algovita staff are quite good at mentoring a patients usage and progress.

    Some advice: Don't try to do too much for a while after your implant until your body forms a tough scar tissue envelope around the implanted battery and especially the wires leads which traverse both sides of your spine. Once that occurs it will be resilient encapsulted in scar tissue and you can do pretty much all you want, probably even horse back riding.

    But remember the implant only dominates the pain. It cannot erase the pain of a damaged spine.You'll be able to create several programs for different parts of your back or legs with a variety of individual settings for the different anatomical locations you want to stimulate.

    Welcome to the family


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