L4 L5 S1 Double Fusion ( - Reviews or success stories please!

Hi All 

My other half has two degenerative discs and has been advised by his consultant that he is not suitable for ADR (disc replacement) and instead would need a double fusion of L4/L5 and S1. They would need to go in via his back one day and the next day via his stomach. I have been reading up on the effects of the Fusion surgery which even in this day and age seem to have

terrifying effects. I am not sure what other options would be given that he takes Tramadol/Diazepam/Naproxen daily, he has tried Chiro,
Physio, Stretching, Swimming, several injections - everything is just temporary. We have our first child on the way in May and we cannot go on like this, he has no quality of life and spends the weekends lying flat on his back so that it is rested for work and is able to try and
get through the following week at work. 

seems excellent and all reviews seem brilliant. We have absolute faith in him as a surgeon, I am just worried about what happens long term: 

- What will be the knock on effects of the discs above/below 

- Will it actually fix him? 

- Will it actually make him worse, damage nerves

- He is only 36, is it better to wait a while and see how it pans out o

Many thanks

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  • bugslybbugsly MinnesotaPosts: 36

    Hello there!  I had L3 to S1 fused and I'm a success story.  Recovery was long but sure am glad I did it.  My recommendation is do as the doctor advises. Bugsly

  • WLLadyWLLady Ontario CanadaPosts: 844
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    hm....loss of quality of life, spending time "saving up" for energy for work.....that sounds so familiar.  i spent the better part of 8 years like that before i HAD to do something about my back pain or end up in a wheelchair....

    i had 10 levels fused.  T10 to S2 with pelvic fixation as well.  I got my life back.  and i'm not in a wheelchair.

    it's a tough decision......i couldn't bear the pain anymore, so my decision was hard, but fairly straightforward.  either do or be in a wheelchair.  so.  i did.  i was scared and worried about the what if' at 14 months postop i have my life back.  i'm still healing, it takes a long long time to heal, but it was 100% worth it for me.   my surgeon told me i have to watch T9-10 so i don't injure the adjacent segment (i'm fused to pelvis, so nothing below that...S1 and S2 are already pretty stable naturally, so fusing to S1 he won't have to worry about S2...), it is a worry, but i'm just careful and try not to be too stupid in things i do.  yes, it changes the mechanics of the spine, but nothing that one cannot adjust to. there's always the risk of getting worse....but there's also the chance to get better. and if doctor's orders and restrictions are followed, and one is careful and patient and allow yourself to recover to the best of your ability....i am a success story.....everyone is different and everyone's surgery is different, so best to make sure you know exactly what the doctors will do, and what they will order for after surgery for recovery times and restrictions.  and then follow their orders, and be patient....

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