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EXTRUCIATING sciatica pain

I'm a 25 year old male who for the most part considers myself a fairly active person.  Around the beginning of November I started experiences nerve pain that would shoot down my butt all the way down my left leg. I managed to deal with it for about 2 weeks until I had enough.  Pain at this point was buckling me and making it very difficult to go about my daily routine.  My fellow co worker suggested a chiropractor in the area so me being desperate gave it a shot. He determined my l5 and s1 was out of place pushing against my nerv which was causing all the pain. He "put me back together" and for 2 months I felt great.  No pain what so ever.  Then one day at work after heavy lifting the pain came right back so I rushed to have another appointment made to get fixed.  This time it didn't help at all causing me to schedule 3 additional appointments praying he could do what he did the first time. After my third visit he told me my ligament holding my l5 s1 was strained which wasn't allowing my l5 and s1 to stay in place.  At that point I gave up and went to urgent care where they injected me with prednisone and ketorolac and gave me a 12 day cycle of prednisone and 5 day cycle of ketorolac to taper off the medicine.  When I got the shot yesterday I instantly went from a 10 to a 5 and had all sorts of energy.  I didn't sleep last night I was so hyper.  This morning I'm feeling very sore. Nothing like I've felt in the past but still very tendor.  Should I be excersing or stretching?  The prednisone is really beating me up but at this point it's better than severe back pain like I had for weeks.  I am going to get an xray tomorrow at another doctor for safe measures but I guess any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.  I'm scared to death of surgery being I'm 25 and this has taken a tole on my livelihood.  I've been out of work for weeks and need to get back.  Has prednisone cured sciatica for any of you for good? Is surgery my next option? I've been told that chiropractor may have kept making it worst.  I don't really know but I'd like to get better because this is ruining my life. Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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  • Thank you any first hand experiences would be appreciated. I'm truly worried.

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  • L4_L5LL4_L5 Posts: 1,416
    edited 02/14/2018 - 5:08 PM

    You didn’t mention an MRI. 

    How do you know your problem level is L5-S1?

    Most members here would say an MRI is better than an X-ray.

    I personally would not go to a chiropractor before even having an MRI.

    That’s great you were asymptomatic for two months, until the lifting incident.

    Any ethical chiropractor will dismiss you if 3-5 consecutive sessions have not been helpful.

    Did the chiropractor have a radiology report he was referring to?

    Chiropractors are not spine experts and IMO it is very unprofessional for a chiropractor to assume the culprit is some ligament or tendon issue.

    What do you mean “the Prednisone is beating me up?”

  • The prednisone is making me feel really out of it. My family advised me the same thing not to keep going. I was in such pain and it was such a cheap treatment that I was hoping more than anything he could fix it again.  What can an MRI determine over an xray? Sorry this is all so new to me and I just want to be fixed.  I'm hoping with rest the prednisone will take it's full effect and get rid of the pain.  Is that a highly unlikely case? My pain has been so unbearable I fall just walking it hurts so bad. 

  • He said he could feel my l5 s1 was out of place. Looking back on it I regret continuously going. But i panicked and wanted instant treatment.  

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  • I appreciate you taking the time to respond as I truly have been beyond worried. 

  • L4_L5LL4_L5 Posts: 1,416
    edited 02/14/2018 - 7:03 PM

    MRI shows your discs. 

    I would fire my chiropractor if he had done to me what he did to you.

    As many here have said before, a chiropractor can do more harm than good, depending on MRI results.

    Some chiropractors won’t even work on people until they’ve seen their MRI and/or radiology report beforehand.

    This is not medical advice, just my personal opinion, but you’re wasting your time by not getting an MRI.

    You said the onset of pain was November...that’s three months ago.

  • Do you have any positive experiences with injections?

  • You’d have to ask someone who’s had injections. Never had them myself. I think it’s hit or miss. For some people they work. Others not so much.

    I use ice, stretching and various medications for spasms and pain. 

  • Without a properating diagnosis it' hard to tell but I can say the steroids orally helped until I wasn' taking them anymore. The esi worked for me but it wasn't a miracle it took my morning from a ten to a 5 and my daily from a 7 to a. 3 pain level wise. Physical therapy did nothing for me but pilates has worked wonders. 

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