Tight neck muscle tingling in left side of face

About 2 years ago the left side of my face started tingling. I went to the doctor the following day and was sent to the hospital for an MRI with and without contrast and blood work. Everything came back normal. For months I delt with this. Countless trips to the doctors office. I was having heart palpitations. They did an EKG and I had to wear a heart monitor for a month. Everything came back normal. And here I was still having this issue. I had a tender spot in my shoulder but was told that wouldn’t affect anything. I was told I had anxiety and after being sent to a counselor and given all these things to help with that they still ended up putting me on anxiety medicine. With the anixiety meds I have noticed it less but it’s there. I’ve been to the chiropractor the   Neurologist and massage therapist and ENT. The ENT did a CT scan but said everything looks good. But here I am at 27 still having this issue. I don’t know what’s going on. My neck has started bothering me again and I stretch it and try warm baths and nothing seems to help. Massage does seem to relieve it but how am I supposed to go get a massage every week. I’m not sure what else to do. I’ve had a ton of blood work done but I really still don’t have any answers. 



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    hi britt18

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    you will find that most members on this site will avoid chiropractors.  it is always best to see a spine specialist for spine related issues.  did a spine specialist give you the results of your mri?

    is it possible to get a second opinion, so somebody can check your mri images and results again.  if you still have the symptoms and it is causing you problems, then it is best to go back to medical professional to discuss.

    as you will know from the forum rules, members cannot give advice, just share their own experiences.

    i have added two links below to help new members with information and these also contain the forum rules.  there is lots of material to research that will give you the power of knowledge.

    welcome to spine health

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    Hi Britt, did you have a cervical MRI yet? 

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    Hi Britt18. I have to tell you how good it feels to know that someone else is experiencing exactly the same thing that I am (although I do feel bad for you also since I know what you are going through). A little over a year ago, I injured my left rib cage. They said I pulled some muscles and I did PT and it took about a year for it to finally heal. Approximately 3-4 days after the injury, I started having heart palpitations. Went through the whole cardiac workup....EKG, Echo, stress test and Peripheral artery scan....NOTHING! I too have had left-sided facial numbness and even swelling for about 2 years now. Never thought they could be related until I saw my chiropractor that I haven't been to in years. He refused to adjust me, stating that I "have too much going on and too many red flags". He said that he would like to get an MRI of my cervical spine and brain stem. I hit my head on the trunk of my car about 3 weeks ago and the doctor said I have a concussion. Since then I have had major dizziness, pressure in my head and a bobble-headed feeling. The chiro said that all of that could be coming from my neck...including the facial numbness and heart palps that I have been experiencing for quite some time, and possibly the concussion is just making the underlying issues a little more apparent. I am curious to see if you have had any additional testing done. I keep getting something like spasms in my neck and I know I need an adjustment, but his fear is that there is something deeper going on and forcing an adjustment might actually be more detrimental to my health than what I am already experiencing.  I will look forward to reading your response and I will say a prayer for you, as I know how frustrating it can be not having any answers and feeling like [edit]! Thanks Britt!!!  

  • I have the same exact thing going on with me some days it's worse than others it's kind of like under my left eye to the left of my nose is numbness and it goes down my neck sometimes into my arm it's been like this for about 2 and 1/2 years. I feel around and I really don't feel any lumps I was thinking it might be a pulled muscle or possibly from dental work I had done might have pushed on a nerve. I really have no clue but I figure it can't be that bad because if it was I would be dead by now but I sure would like to figure out what is going on

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    The member that started this discussion has not been on the forum since so you probably will not get a response 


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  • I am 28 year old female. I am having similar symptoms. It all started when nerve in left shoulder blade got pinched due to injury at gym. Pain radiated all the way from shoulder to neck to head to left eye and nose and surrounding area. It got better, but because of work and life stress I am having lot of anxiety from last 3-4 months. My heartbeat suddenly increases too much at night. I had to go to ER once due to sudden change in heart rate. Left side of my face tingles when I have neck and shoulder blade pain(which is consistent from last 4 months atleast). I have pain in neck since I was a teenager, mostly in the morning when I wake up. I didn’t book chiropractor appointment yet (mostly because I’m scared), but I think face tingling is mostly due to cervical and anxiety issues.

  • Im a 32 yr old male. I have has facial tingling for almost 13 years now after being whiplashed. I see a chiropractor regularly. Its believed that my cervical spine is misaligned and due to the misalignment or trama neck muscles are tighter then normal which puts pressure on the cervical spine which puta pressure on the nerves. Depending on my stress levels, the facial tingling can be very mild to severe. 
  • Hey guys. I am currently dealing with same issues. I just want to provide you with some insight on to my personal experience with this. About three months ago, the left side of my face and neck started tingling and would go numb at times. It became more severe and I would get tinging in my sinuses, my mouth, and near my eyes. Looking at the cervical spine, the C2 vertebrae controls nerves around the eyes, sinuses, and mouth. The C3 vertebrae is the side of the face and the neck. I knew my issue had to be related to this but I am a 22 year old healthy female and did not think it was spine related. XRAY and MRI of cervical spine came back normal. CT scan of brain was also normal. I also have no other symptoms. From the beginning, I thought that it was muscle related because I am a server at a restaurant and in life I get very stressed out from school. One time a few years ago I got so stressed out I could not even turn my head. So, I am not sure if you guys look into trigger point therapy or what a trigger point in a muscle is but your muscle can become so tight it can trap a nerve and cause feelings of tingling and numbness. I have a tight knot right near my C2C3 vertebrae and I have suspected all this time that was my issue. My case was pretty severe and my tingling led me ending up in the emergency room a few times which was a waste of time. But I got the doctor to give me a cortisone trigger point injection (He would not perform in knot since we need to first confirm it is a knot and not a raised lymph node) but he performed injection in my shoulder and my pain and tingling went from a 10 to a 4. You guys wouldn't believe how much it brought my symptoms down and I just got the shot 3 days ago so the effects can still increase. My suspicions all along were that the knot in my muscle was pinching a nerve and a really effective way to help that is cortisone injections. I tried cervical traction (but if you have a muscle knot trapping your nerve it will actually make your condition worse) and every time I used it I was in so much more pain. I just wanted to help you guys out and let you know and I will continue to update you. Look up myofasical trigger points and the symptoms they can cause. I am also going to get a trigger point massage in a few days and look into a doctor who would perform the injection into the knot. Massage seemed to alleviate some of my symptoms as well as acupuncture but so far the cortisone shot is most effective. Also prescribed muscle relaxers. I read online trigger points can form as well from repetitive use or emotional stress. When I freaked out about the problem, my tightness in neck would get so much worse as well as the tingling. I think anxiety can tend to make symptoms worse but anxiety probably is not the cause of your symptoms especially if it is localized there is usually a cause. I will keep you guys updated!

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    britt18 has not been back to the forum for 2 years so you probably won't get a response

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  • Hey everyone- thanks for sharing your stories. It makes me feel less alone. I went through this for about 4 months, it went into remission for about 1.5 years, and now it’s back. I’ma 31-year-old female.

    I’ve described it as numbness, but really, it’s not numb. It feels like a “squiggly” motion through my left forehead, eye socket, nose, and top of cheek, that is intermittent and moves around between those locations. I’ve also described it as a spider web feeling, or a dripping feeling.

     I also have anxiety, and extremely tight muscles and knots throughout the shoulders and neck, with one especially bad one In the left side of my neck at the base of my skull.

    Doctors and tests from my original experience were all negative- but the feelings are so distracting. Nice to know others know what I’m going through.

  • I am glad to hear I am not going crazy.  My issue started out with lots of stress and anxiety, which led to a huge knot in my back and really tight traps and neck for a long time.  I was working out, but that just made the tightness worse.  Then I started to have facial tingling on one side and then it went to the other.  It is super annoying but also just feeds the anxiety circle.  It gets worse when I am really anxious.  I worry that it is MS,  have any of you had any updates or additions that would help me?

  • Nla - I can't advise but I can sympathise! I started with a numb feeling in my neck about two months ago. I'm currently waiting for a brain scan as the doctor seemed to pick up on issues with some of my reactions in my arm and leg. I was also put on iron tablets due to low ferritin level (12). I know numbness can be symptomatic of low iron, but nearly two months of taking tablets and it's no better really, though other issues such as blurry eyesight are now much improved.

    Sometimes the numbness spreads to my ear and nose, it's the strangest feeling! I'm also worried that it could be a sign of MS but trying hard not to stress about it! My posture is really bad, and when I stretch out my neck it seems to alleviate the problem, as it just feels stiff and tense all the time. It's definitely worse when I've been sat in the same position for a while, particularly at work, so I'm praying it's some kind of neck issue rather than nerves :-( but then I've got strange feelings in my left arm and foot, which all seems very odd.

    Sorry that ended up as a very long post!!

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