Herniated neck disc, age 28, please help, need guidance!

  Good time of the day. I want you to know the most of my story so if I write too much or if it's in the wrong category I apologize in advance, but the issue concerns me quite a lot as it happened to me in a pretty early stage of my life. 

  I work out for five+ years now (free and heavy weights), I've had some stretches both in back and neck, yet it all went by after treatment (without doctors guidance), but this summer I've started getting tingling/buzzing feeling in my fingers after getting inside water. I didn't pay much attention to it until two months ago, when It turned into pain in neck and numbness in my right hands ring and little fingers, though the pain was not heavy(It's more like disturbance than pain), I've decided to see the doctor. The doctor did the basic checks like hammering on my knees and shoulders and other similar actions and she said that I didn't have anything major since all of my reflexes and strength was perfectly fine, so she concluded that I'm having nerve inflammation and she prescribed injections + pills for 10 days. After going through the treatment the disturbance in my neck and finger numbness/buzziness didn't step back and I've decided to do an MRI test. The test showed that I have 5mm herniated disc in between 4th and 5th vertebra. I did the MRI two+ weeks ago and through out all these days I've visited 5 best neurosurgeons in my country (Georgia) 2 out of which said that I need to take the surgery and faster I do it the better it will be, yet the issue is not urgent itself, other three though agreed with their statements, they think that my condition can be remissive and can undergo the therapy. Now I've been advised to visit the athletes rehabilitation center, where they've told me that they will put me through a process that either will make my condition better and there's a chance that it will make my hernia smaller in size (the doctor literally said that she'll be happy if she decreases it to 3mm) or wont affect me at all, so basically I'm not risking by going through it. Now I can't exactly explain the process, for that i apologize as I'm far from medical terminology and treatment specifics, yet it's a radiotherapy(or ultra wave therapy) broken in two parts one of which aims to lessen the stretching in neck muscles and other to kinda like inject Ointment of some sort of a plant(I think it's popaya plant or something) that has the powers of healing and may trigger the remission and if everything goes well after 3 to 5 sessions, they will proceed with the radio treatment to improve my condition. 

  This is where I am right now, I have to be honest that im scared(edit) of surgery, since it concerns spine and I'm very frightened to trust it to anyone (How risky is this surgery? I know that every surgery has it's  own risks, but does this one have low, medium or high level of risk? Should i trust Georgian doctors or should I seek fro treatment in Turkey or Moscow) my dumb cousin told me that there's a good chance that surgeons could live me paralyzed neck down. I don't know if i should take this therapy thing, or it's just waste of my time which is vital in my condition(also if it's really risk free?) and say if the therapy really works and the hernia decreases, will I be able to continue living like before or will it be like wearing a trigger bomb on my neck for the rest of my life (maybe it's better to remove it?) I don't know what to do and I really am frightened, I'm quite active person and during this time there was not a single day that i hadn't thought of working out (will I have to quit the gym?)  I really hope that you guys will be able to guide me through this physical disturbance and mental mayhem. 

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  • I don’t have much advice but I found out today that I have the same thing. I feel very overwhelmed. I don’t think you or I should have surgery unless it’s a last resort (I’m a nurse). 

  • You are not alone. I am 26 and jut found out I have 2 very large herniated disks in my lower back. I love to run and workout but was told I cannot do that anymore in order to not damage the disks anymore. I also live in GA and have met with 2 orthopedic surgeons. Both recommended I get surgery but I am also super scared of back surgery. Their first option for me is physical therapy and epidural injection. I would say don't do surgery unless that is the last option. 

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