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wondering if anyone has tried CBD oil to help with pain relief. I’ve been using it for a week, and it has helped significantly with the nerve pain I’m still getting in my leg after lumbar fusion and lumbar decompression surgery. I’ve managed to cut out codeine completely and, in addition to CBD oil, I’m just taking Naproxen. CBD oil also seems to have positive benefits for a whole bunch of medical conditions. There are some useful Facebook groups if you want to do some research. Message me if you need any more info. 



  • smartens162smartens162 Manitoba, CanadaPosts: 361

    Isn't anti-inflammatories (Naproxen) a no-no after fusion surgery?  I have read that the CBD oil is good for fusion tho

  • Hi andyg
    It's great that you have found some thing that works for you. My husband actually bought me some at a store here in Utah but I have not tried it. I wish Utah would get going on the medical end of marijuana at least.
    Good luck Sherri 

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  • That's great news about CBD oil.  I've only tried it a few times, with no results.  

    I also get overwhelmed by all the choices when at the store.  Would be good to know what is working for others.

  • I use white oil from CBD Brothers - started with 1 drop 3x a day, and now up to 2 drops

  • Thanks for sharing. I will have to give it a try.

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  • ArizonaAArizona ArizonaPosts: 127

    I just bought a bottle from Lazarus Naturals which someone was talking about on tbe Facebook neuropathy group.  They give 40% discount to veterans and also low income (which shows how much markup there must be).  But the bottle comes with very sparse directions - take one ml (50mg) as needed.  But what do i do with it?  Another company's website says hold it under your tongue a minute or 2 and then wash it down. 3 drops?  30 drops?  One says this one says that.  Very confusing.  I'm going to try 3 drops under my tongue.  Here's the post i made on the neuropwthy forum:

    30 drops in 1 ml?  But the directions say start with 5 to 10 mg!  Ml and mg are different units of measurement! Pretty useless directions.  Doesn't say how to take it either - hold under tongue?  Mix with something and drink?  And what's that about grapefruit on the bottle? And on the bottle it says take 1 ml (50 mg) as needed.  50 mg!  That would be 30 drops.  5 mg would be 3 drops then.  Very confusing.  I'm going to try 3 drops and hold it under my tongue for a minute or 2 and then wash it down like the very clear directions for another brand that i just googled up says to do.

  • ArizonaAArizona ArizonaPosts: 127

    Edit feature gone here now?  

    Anyway, until i make up my mind what do with my new cbd oil bottle (it's the legal hemp kind) I'm just vaping my old cbd oil vaper - the one that Couchpotato told me about - because I'm real bad right now.

  • BitzicatBBitzicat PhoenixPosts: 67

    I have my card and last year  tried the CBD oil for  over three months.  I could not really find a dosage that decreased pain any better than my prescription, if at all.  My rheumatologist would immediately dismiss me if he found drugs in my system even though I live in a “marijuana” state.  I know that CBD can work for some people, but you can’t just buy some and expect immediate relief.  I personally feel the Hemp is a waste of money;  only CBD combined with some THC has possibilities.  Keep in mind that every  state and every dispensary has a different version of CBD oil and everyone is different.  A 50/50 combination is what will work best according to specialists in that business.  I don’t know about you,  but that means “stoned” for me.

    I have fibromyalgia and now possible Failed fusion surgery, so I can’t be sure which pain is more severe. I’m sticking with the drugs until I can be sure that something else will work

  • Hi all.

    I've posted way way to much on this subject and medical Marijuana. If your interested take a look at the ups and downs over the past year.

    For me it what degree seems to vary every few days.

    This entire thing , as I'm learning, is very complicated.  The more I learn, the less I know.

    That being said, I still would use it over going back on opiods. My posts are on the alternative treatment forum.

    Thank you

  • My husband & I have both tried CBD oil. However......not ALL CBD oils are the same. And honestly, my husband and I are still trying to figure out the best ones. However, being the 'best' one for one person is not the same for another. Some are better with anxiety. Others with chronic pain...

    I can say that if you take CBD oil that tastes harsh and/or like 'weed', then it typically doesn't work as well. Plus, since they are not monitored like drug companies are, you *are* taking more risk by using them.

    Not to mention, a small bottle costs about $100 to $150 and lasts maybe a month. So it is pricey....

    That said, my husband is fused from C3 to T1 and, subsequently, the extra added stress on his thoracic area really aggravates his shoulders. It doesn't help that he has had one shoulder surgery also and the other shoulder was already aggravated....

    But when he takes CBD oil, he notices that there is less pressure/pain in his shoulder areas. It *does* make a difference when he takes it. 

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