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  • Hmm. After having a thread on the lower back forum shut down, I found this one. Sounds like CBD is not ready for prime time. 

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    Hey BillOregon
    The mods just refocused the discussion from loback to alternative methods, which CBD Oil is one of many.  There are many different threads and I believe many different perspectives both strong and weak for the use of Female CBD oils to augment other non opioid pain relief alternatives to treat chronic pain. I too wish there was one concise source of reliable information. 
    I’m one of many who’ve experienced direct positive results due to Medical Cannibis, after relying on massive amounts of opiates to treat what ended up being 100% fusion but failed back syndrome with chronic pain syndrome as my diagnosis of constant numbness needles pins knives machetes butchers knives in my legs and feet. 
     I am being treated at a top local university who appears to be on the cutting edge of treatment, unfortunately insurance doesn’t cover mich of any of it.
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  • Joel1QJJoel1Q Posts: 235
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    Fused guy
    Sorry this is so late, but my pain doctor suggested medical cannibis as an option among other things after 6 months post op and little pain relief. My fusion progress at the time allowed such recommendation. Always follow your medical providers recommendations when being treated for such intricate and major procedures such as spinal surgery.  Glad to hear you are ready for PT.  One thing I’ve learnes in the year plus post op lumbar fusion, go slow, the easiest way to screw things up post surgery.  
  • One last comment, I’ve seen posts about how much CBD Oil to take.  My ND recommended for me to do .5ml - 1ml dropper full of the 30:1, twice a day. Then the same of a 1:1 mix at night. That’s not drops that’s dropper half full or full (with most droppers).  I have noticed that some outfits do not have the same size dropper.  So while one might be thinner and a ml is a full dropper, another CBD manufacturer uses thicker droppers, and a ml is only half a dropper. 

    I’d also like to comment on how long to keep in your mouth.  The membranes in the mouth are the third best way to ingest any meds (besides injection and inhaling) - I started with only 1-2 minutes but found if I could take the taste, 15 min, 5 min below the tounge then swished to each cheek for 5 min really does the trick. I’m used to the taste and since January when I’ve gotten the regulated tinctures I found the taste is way better than that nasty valerian root  :s

    Finally, vaping with one of the vape pens, is not an ok way to go, but like couch has said in other threads we can’t stand the coughing.  I found an expensive but very efficient vaporizer (don’t think like room vaporizer) it’s Mighty. I have chronic bronchitis and have had walking pneumonia twice, and I was coughing up a storm trying to do the vape pens and flower separately. The minute I switched to the expensive but totally worth it mighty vaporizer I have not had a lung problem since...going on 3 months now.  

    Everyone’s experience is different, just like it is with traditional meds, but thought I’d share since I’m now almost 3 weeks off opiates thanks in some part to MC. Good luck

  • Joel

       What your posting is valuable you have a brand name for this vaporizer  ? Cause I've got visions of vicks vaporub rolling around in my head. Do you have a link to the unit your talking about ?

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    Members are not permitted to name brands or give links to products 

    Please abide by spine-health rules

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    10.01 No External links may be published until they are approved by the moderator team.

  • Arizona, Assuming what you have is actually full spectrum CBD... I'd say try 50mg per day. That would be your 30 drops, or 1-full dropper. I currently take a 1/2 dropper in the morning (25mg) and 1/2 dropper in the evening (another 25mg). It took about 3-4 days of doing this consistently before I felt anything. I get mine in California, from a dispensary, it's legal here for recreational use. Cost is about $100 for the bottle, lasts about 1-month. But, wow, now...unreal.

  • Liz I was asking for a link through pms..I'm sorry should have stressed that. Be great to see a picture and maybe a website link

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    The same rules apply to pm's as well as the forum.

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    I can see that if we’re promoting something as if we’re pumping (pimping?) - marketing a product with links and annoy everyone.   but it seems that brand name  talk happens frequently enough where I’m not sure if I’m stepping over the line or not.  when we talk about what medication experiences we have - Percocet I think is a brand name, or pain pumps/blocks - I hear Mendtronix a lot - it seems it’s kind of a fine but grey line - some do it more than others but I know I don’t mean any harm and I’m sorry if I overstep here... but if a certain vaporizer has been a positive game changer for how one of us augment a horrendously difficult walk without pain meds, it’d be nice to be able to share that info in some way, without violating house rules.  Or from another angle, I see so many posts about inconsistencies with their CBD oil purchases, wouldn’t it be cool if we could post the brand name of the oil (s) that we find beneficial and have helped us get off opiates? I hope this stirs conversation and doesn’t get me in trouble I do love the info from people’s posts on this site. And it’s usually the experience of someone where I learn something every time I visit the site. 

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