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CBD oil



  • @DavidG

       I dont want to sit around stoned either..I dont use the daytime blends I only use MM at night right at bedtime.  I think of it as no different then someone taking ambien.  But saying that alot of the daytime ones have a less buzz feeling then your standard 1970s weed you smoked. They are rich in cbd with some thc. My night time on the other hand is reverse higher in thc lower in cbd. If you were to actually go to a dispensary you would learn the various different kinds right now your thinking old school kind. I recently bought a new blend havent tried it yet its blueberry..(shout out to any that has  tried it ).. I was told by the dispensary is very good but again I havent tried it yet.

      But onething I have to add people doing MM aren't looking to be stoned though they use it just like I do at night for a medical purpose it does give me a few extra hours of sleep I wouldn't get without it because of extreme night time pain is that any different then taking ambien or any other sleep aid ?

  • Just a thought.

    I have a thread on here but it's old so I thought it would be better here.

    Readers digest version. 

    Back went out, severy like in 09. Called 911, hospital, tried one treatment, didn't work, KICKED TO CURB, unable to stand or walk.  Saw doc next morning (with help), prescribed med that worked in past, helped, could walk with two canes, 1.5 days later tried 20:1 ACDC Prerolls,  one large drag, 10 minutes later I could walk without canes and 10 deg straighter plus go up staires  .

    This ratio is very very hard to get in this state. I'm glad to have the little I have, just sorry I forgot before calling 911.

    My attitude on MM might be changing.

    Maybe I'll post this on the other thread 

    Thank you

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  • I’m having extremely good nights sleep with the CBG/CBN combo, as disgusting taste as it is. Regular CBD tastes like cherries compared to CBG/CBN, which honestly tastes like resin, because I’ve smoked it before (80s for me).  I’ve got to figure a better way to take this—vaping?   But 8 hrs+ with only a couple wakes for whizzing and then easily going back asleep which has always been a challenge   The sleep is awesome, for a change   

    I also had pretty good luck with the AC/DC ‘flower’ in the past, the 20:1 (cbd/thc)in vape form was perfect in the daytime combined with the 1:1 ratio cbd/thc , just hard to get it even here in SoCal, at least from the delivery services and the main dispensary.  

    We don’t need MM cards in socal as of 1/1/19 as long as you’re 21 just show your drivers license. 

    We can also grow up to 6 plants for personal use.  I planted 4 seeds obtained from flower over the last year, nothing is growing though, I have a black thumb apparently. 

    L3-S1 ALIF Feb 2018 and 

    L3-S1 PLIF Laminectomy and Fusion March 2018

  • Man, if I could get good ACDC seeds I'd go to a class to learn how to grow it. I've read it's a real pain to grow and get that ratio. It's a life saver for me, plus cheaper than docs and ER's.

    I'm on east coast, it would take 10 days to drive to CA but it might be worth it... just avoid Kansas and Nebraska  :)  :)

  • @Joel1Q @couchpotato68

       Here in Delaware they dont carry CBG/CBN 

      But yesterday I went for my renewal.  I found a good doctor to renew my card this year..what a good verse bad doctor ? Well last year when I first got my card  when I went I felt like I was in a assembly was like you went through stations..1 for the urine test..1 to see the doctor for a few minute that discussed your issues and looked over your records real fast..then a station were you paid..then out the door you went..

       Yesterday was was a real doctors setting..I'm even thinking about looking into having him as my internist...I also liked he took payments.  I mean you get some people that really cant afford the 250 for a new card or 200 for a renewal so what are they to do then ?  It  just was a totally different experience this year being the doctors seems to really care and wants to help everyone. I even got a good once over from him and yes..a urine screen ..that is part of the cost involved too.

       But see here I go again * confused * See Joel I understand your differences because your using alot of different blends and such..but Couchpatato see I've been told at least with my issues acdc wont help me...I wanted to purchase some but the dispensary told me I'd be wasting money and steered me toward Jet Fuel and other more 50:50 blends. I've been told repeatedly by multiple doctors and the dispensary I need at least 50:50 for any form of pain relief.  So a 20:1 wont work for me.

       As for cbd oils..again I've discussed the usage of cbd oil with multiple doctors and the dispensary..I even asked the doctor again yesterday.  He said based on your medical records and problems cbd is too weak for you what's a girl to do ?? Who do I believe ? So guess I'll continue like I am..I've got the good nighttime one with eran almog and when I cant get that one then Or..but these daytime ones Ugh!! See I dont want any buzz during the day that's my problem..and most 50:50 give you a buzz but below that it doesnt work so why buy it then ?

      I am about to try a new blend though..I had to get dry flower though..its called Blueberry. Its has both thc and "thca" as well as cbd ..I was told it both smells and taste like blueberries..figured I try it around the 4th I'll report back on it..

      But I do think alot has to do with what problems and types of pain..its not a 1 size fits all.

      Ok Joel what the heck is the difference between THC and THCA ? You seem to know alot lol

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  •    I think this is ok to post since it only a part of whats written on a local dispensaries site... no link to the site though. It might better explain what All the doctors as well as the dispensary keeps telling me.

    High THC/Low CBD – This traditional formulation is commonly used to treat symptoms including severe pain, nausea, vomiting, appetite stimulation, and difficulty sleeping.

    Equal CBD/THC – This balanced formulation is commonly used to treat symptoms including moderate pain, neuropathic pain, nausea, vomiting, appetite stimulation, inflammation, anxiety, and muscle spasms. Products with equal levels of CBD and THC typically produce milder cerebral effects than traditional THC-rich formulations.

    High CBD/Low THC – This specialty formulation is commonly used to treat symptoms including neuropathic pain, inflammation, anxiety, seizures/epilepsy, and muscle spasms. Products with elevated levels of CBD and low THC content typically produce minimal cerebral effects.

       So basically your type pain may benefit from the low THC blends were mine needs at least 50/50 or better.

  • I use 20:1 because I get EVERY BAD SIDE EFFECT OF THC X10!!!!!.

    Yes the thc seems to help but at least in vape form 1 hit and min.later fallen on my face. Even my lifer stoner friend says stay away from it. Now I tried some 1:1 vape that seemed OK. They were mostly indica based something sunshine and brendas gift (no longer available here).

    So who knows, maybe when there more consistant. 

  • of my sons friends called vaping a 1 hit wonder lol..vaping hits you faster and harder then smoking dry weed . I know the first time I vaped verse smoke 1 or 2 hits I was done.

      Yeah I dont get what they call the munchies when I use MM make me somewhat nauseous. 

       But I am happy you found blends that helped you that's really what it's all about..its also good to share what blends helped ect cause I know when I first went to the dispensary my head was spinning cause of so many. By us sharing it helps narrow that process down for the next one just starting out.

  • first I got the same story" more THC".. It didn't take long to figure out that was backwards.

    I'll get a warning about this but look into weed programs on Netflix  (thanks to another member ).  

  • Teresa your Dr Google skills are pretty good, you probably know THCa the a is for Acid and it’s the non-psychoactive precursor to THC, a process happens (smoking or even drying the flower) which turns into the psychoactive THC.  

    Regards to the doctor you saw to get your card, here in SoCal naturopathic Drs are all the rage.  I personally like the ND I saw as she took that holistic approach to each issue. Regular doctors are simply generalists who refer to specialists anyway so might as well get the MM benefits if it suits your needs.  Especially if you’re trying to navigate the very confusing world of MM.  I also can get 10% off just dropping the NDs name at the delivery dispensary, and have guidance in learning the nuances of what we’re being forced into   

    mm eran almog or should I say mmmmmmm - that’s the bomb I understand, can’t get that here Teresa so you win!  My goal is to find a proven mix of CBDbs THCas, not be stoned during the day, and balance it with spaced and paced physical exercise - which is so hard to execute in life - I’d like to believe I can still lick this post surgical neuropathy pain. 

    L3-S1 ALIF Feb 2018 and 

    L3-S1 PLIF Laminectomy and Fusion March 2018

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