Having terrible with si joint.Shots do not work.Doctor wants to do SIJoint Fushion.Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC will  approve the surgery.Has anyone else had this problem with BCBS. Any suggestions??



  • BCBS NC considers this surgery to be investigational and not medically necessary unless you fall into one of a few categories.  Fracture, tumor, are just a couple.  My surgeon has been trying to get surgery for myself and several other patients, to no avail.

  • I had iFuse surgery for my left SI joint 10 months ago (I live in Illinois - BCBS). My surgeon had to petition BCBS and the medical group of which he is a member. I've had 23 years of SI joint pain - diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis seven years ago. The last 10 months since the surgery have been the most painful of ANY year since all of this started. I would not recommend it, especially if you are a small-boned person. The implants are bone-crushingly painful - I haven't yet been able to go back to work at a career I loved. Prior to surgery, I could at least get through a day without an "8" pain. Sometimes doors closing might be a blessing? Take care of yourself - 


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