Rottary upper thoracic levoscoliosis & severe & moderate bilateral foraminal stenosis

I am so frustrated. Spent nearly 2 yrs in pain management on Dilaudid with the last 10 months of  me telling them the pain was worse. Finally since Dilaudid was no longer working, I found another pain management. The 1st visit not only did she 'listen' but ordered a MRI of my spine but also noted old MRI's showed a cyst on my r. kidney & ordered a ultrasound. Unreal, after seeing/being told of my MRI results now we know why 1) my pain is worse; 2) why I now have mid back pain & 3) why I am having more chest pain than normal. In a nut shell finding are: Rotary upper thoracic levoscoliosis. Multilevel degenerative changes with multilevel facet joint arthropathy and foraminal stenosis. At T1/2 severe bilateral foraminal stenosis. At T4/5 moderate right foraminal stenosis. At T5/6 mild right foraminal stenosis. T10/11 & T11/12 Bilateral facet joint arthropathy. Ligamentum flavum thickening. Spine MRI & Ultrasound on r. kidney showed 12 mm cyst.

I started with and still have told them I do not want the drugs (last Rx 12/1/17) but do want some relief. Already have had 2 procedures (injections) toward giving me some relief. They usually give me 2 1/2 days of relief but 2 days ago I had 3 on each side of mid spine and the next morning the pain was back. Now I'm concerned. Has anyone else have these findings or have experience a short duration of pain relief after injections?



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    except for the cyst, your spine sounds like mine so i know the pain you must be in and am so sorry. i have done the injections and have never gotten any relief from them. but a lot of members do. the only one that helped me was a caudal block, but that is for si joint pain, nerves. but i am so glad you found someone that listened to you. we know our bodies better than any doctor but sometimes they just don't listen.
    so what's next? are you and your doctor going to talk about other options?
    take care and please keep us posted on how you are doing.

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  • Hi Memerainbolt,

    Thank you for the welcome. So very much has been going on including surgery twice (not spinal), so please forgive the delay in my reply. I quit that pain management after a injection caused nerve damage! I started with a new pain management Wed. I ended up seeing a nurse who claimed my pain was caused by degenerative changes/arthritis. I was so flabbergasted by his explanation all I could do  was shake my head and say no one else said that. I was give a Rx for hydrocodone 10/325. Not only doesn't it get rid of my pain it makes me itch or itch and vomit. I'm calling them 1st thing Mon. am.  I got a call  from them Fri. to make a appt. for a epidural. The only good thing I can say about my appt. is I told him I was interested in trying the HF10 (spinal cord stimulation). One has several hoops to jump through before hand but I am so willing to jump in any direction to have pain relief  without drugs. I hope you are doing well.

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