How to Bend and save your Discs

I just read a great article on NPR this morning on bending correctly.  May cultures bend this way, and they are spared the of back pain and conditions that we have. I wish that we had been taught to bend this way.



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    Thanks for the heads up. I found it by googling “NPR Bending.”

    Unfortunately I think the demonstration is only good for picking up light objects. 

  • L4_L5:

    I still think re-learning a safer way to bend over will be helpful in the long run. I KNOW I have the habit of bending over incorrectly, and I'm sure that hasn't helped all my various back problems. 

    I'm trying to take this recovery time (following major surgery) to re-train myself :)

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  • It’s soooooo worth it!

  • Was doing some reading back on old seems to me the subject of proper posture is so important in retraining your body to do the right thing muscularily (is that a word) and to do it subconsciously, post fusion/surgery, but it doesn’t get enough emphasis as it should , at least during my post op experience...

    Especially in the hospital pre discharge, but also during during in in Home post op rehab, then finally at physical therapy.  (at least the second PT I’ve visited has been better in this area).  I was fortunate to have met an athlete on a recent business commute (right before my surgery) who had recently undergone cervical fusion and who also stressed the importance of posture and being positive as two of the most important ways to approach post op PT.    re-visiting of a healthy lifestyle and being conscious of the power of the mind over the body and how important it is to understand in the context of taking care of your spine (a challenge to many) throughout ones life.  It’s why we’re here, we need help right?

    Posture and positivity  ;)

  • Yes, the cost of moving incorrectly.....worth it to try and retrain ourselves!

    NPR posted a related piece in the last week or so:   "To Fix That Pain in Your Back You Might Have to Change the Way You Sit:

     Some cultures sit a lot, but are not plagued with back and muscular pain the way we are.  It showed a man who spent hours a day weaving with gorgeous posture.

    Worthwhile read.

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  • Using your knees to bend and keeping your back straight like a catcher in most situations does seem a very catcherlike position.   Unfortunately my knees decided to stop bending at my last’s like everything else for the last 7 months, always step forward...

  • PT today was P.t.pooP so I ask pain dr for cortisone shot. Back up, two weeks ago when I posted this I called pain dr office left two messages for dr, talked to PA explained what I needed - blew her mind she just was so confused. I asked ‘what is the process for getting a cortisone shot in your office’. My last cortisone shot was given by meniscus repair x2 Orthopaedic surgeon, and I realize more than a handful over time is not wise, but I have another bump in my recovery and I need help getting over this. The PA just exploded and asked that I talk to PM dr today- who said get an X-ray to confirm you have osteoarthritis in your knees, then we’ll schedule injections. Osteo whaaaa?  Oh no not me....

    Signed old in SoCal 

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