Low back/hip pain (left side)

im searching for answers!  Accident at 28, ongoing pain and surgeries since. 43 now and it's just gotten worse!  I can't imagine having to live like this the rest of my life.Multiple dr. Appts and still the same ole answers... I'm having major pain in my left hip. 2yrs plus now. Had a microdiskectomy and lateral facetectomu at l-4 , l-5  -S1 2016. I'm still in so much pain, nothing helps! I've tried everything I can think of. My pain dr recommends another epidural and that Medtronic pain stimulater. He said I've got soft tissue in the l4 area that has formed and causing so much pain. At times it's just so bad and it's constant. He said a surgeon wouldn't fix it unless it starts to cause severe weakness in legs and loss of bladder

Spinal neck fusion 2x - ACdf  c5-6,c6-7 ,c7-t1

Microdiskectomy and lateral facetectomu at L4-5 , l5-S1 on left *Left knee surgery*Left shoulder surgery

History of deep granuloma annulara* Rheumatoid nodules 

Ct scan impression states now interval left l4-5 facetectomy, Amorphous soft tissue in left L4 foramen obscures the exiting root. Probably related to postoperative granulation tissue although disc material canning be completely excluded.



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    Summerj your taking the word of your pain doc, why not take your newest MRI and go see a neurologist Unless that was one of those appointments you mentioned  explain the situation the worst he can say is no. I had a similar situation and ended up taking a different route but I will wait till you reply.

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    Hello Summerj,

    Your story is a hard one to read I'm sorry to hear how much you are going through. I have to agree with Martymar about a neurosurgeon. My pain doctor and I went through 2 years of working on my pain. Eventually, he sent me to Spine and the [edit] Neurosurgeon recommended major surgery right away. 

    Also, consider who you are seeing, the level of the doctor also matters. You may have to travel to get the level of expertise needed for your situation, not that you have bad doctors, you just may need a superstar for what you are going through.

    Kind Regards,


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  • Thanks for your response, I've had a very hard time getting in with a new neurosurgeon. But i finally got my MRI and I'm still not getting anywhere at all. 1st I seen his PA and he was very rushes and said it was my hip, my hip has been ruled out by hip doctor. Hip specialist is saying it's my low back. I finally get a MRI and request to see a Doctor there. I was  advised he is a great doctor and the person  works closely with him in OR. But he said based on my symptoms and MRI results my pain complaints are not conclusive with the MRI results. I was very disappointed, he rush and acted like he wasn't interested in what i had to say. When I told him I had already had 2 neck fusions and  deal with chronic pain since my injury his response was like oh... I got upset he handed me a tissue and said he could refer me to a pain clinic, I told him I've been going to a pain clinic since my injury as 28 yrs old. So I just assumed he didn't look I to my history and he probably did t read my MRI. He said I need to do the facet injection. I've done that to and epidural with no help. I'm pretty sure he just didnt want to get to Invovled since I the surgeries were by another doctor, that is now retired. At this point I don't know what else to do... I'm so frustrated and tired of the pain. 

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