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I refilled my Percocet script 2 weeks ago at the same pharmacy I have used for the past 18 years or so and noticed that the pills were yellow.  Never having seen yellow Percocet before I checked the manufacturer and it was one I had never heard of.  I have been on this drug for many years and have used many different manufacturers with no problem....until now that is.  After using this drug for a couple of days, I started getting not cramps but pain in my stomach and then terrible nausea and vomiting.  Never having had an issue with generics before I didn't put two and two together for about a week.  I then called the pharmacy and they told me that lots of people were having similar issues so they would put on my profile not to give me this manufacturer again.  The reason I kept trying to take this drug is because it was all I had and of course the pharmacy won't take it back and neither will my doctor.  I tried taking zofran at different intervals and then taking the percocet hoping I would find a combo that would work.  Finally I had enough and gave up.

Had an appointment with my Doctor today so had to suffer a few days without but at least my long acting med was now staying down.  All the vomiting was causing me problems keeping it down as well.  I was due for long acting script today and was expecting to have to get thru the next 2 weeks without bt meds due to the fact it was too soon to refill the percocet.  My wonderful PM doctor wrote me a 2 week script for hydrocodone so I would at least have something to take.  I know she didn't have to do that and I am extremely greatful.

Anyway, the manufacturer is Camber and after a little research I found that they have only been distributing Percocet since late last year.  Also found online that alot of people are having trouble with their generic drugs and not just percocet either. 

Just wanted to put this out there so that if this happens to someone else they will know right away that there is a good chance the meds are the culprit. 

There is definitely something going on with these drugs.  Over 20 years this has never happened to me before and I mean I was really sick.  Did I mention I was sick??LOL!

Feeling much better now just wanted to give everyone a heads up. 




  • Hi Cindy
    Glad you figured that out and that your doctor is understanding. I think the yellow is Endocet which is what I take a generic of Percocet. You have read or heard how people say generics are all alike it is not true. I cannot take any other generic and it took me forever to get to the bottom of why. It was the color and compounded they used to make the others that was upsetting my stomach and giving me vicious headaches. 
    Did you read any where that people were saying that the generic was not helping them with their pain as much? I have been trying to figure if that is what is going on with me or is it cause I have been taking them for too long. Wish there was a web-site that listed the ingredients and if there had been any changes made.
    Thanks for this information Sherri

  • peanut006peanut006 MichiganPosts: 81

    I have never gotten sick thankfully (knock on wood of course), but to your question @Hope3, I have had generics that didn't work as well as others for sure. I have read over the years that generics can have up to 10% less of the active ingredient and still be allowed to distribute. I know they swear that's not true and they're all created the same, but people all over the country have talked about the lack of efficacy of some generics and others who have been on meds for years and have a sudden horrible reaction to a generic. Good pharmacists will listen and order the brand you like, but since a lot of the big box pharmacies will simply go with who's cheapest, you can get different manufacturers frequently. I have found two generics that work great for me and all the rest work far less well. So no matter what "they" say... all generics are by far not made the same!!

    And @n2braves, that's absolutely awesome that your doctor did that for you because you're right, no one will take the meds back or exchange pill for pill for a different brand (which stinks but I guess I understand since they don't know what someone may do with them once they leave the store). So for your doctor being willing to give you something else in the middle of a script is really awesome! Wish everyone had a doctor who was really determined to help the patient no matter the situation like that!!

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  • @Hope3-I did notice that my pain wasn't being relieved like it usually is so since I can have up to three per day, I tried two instead of one and it seemed to be quite a bit better but then towards the end of the second day I was so messed up with the pain in my stomach, pain in my head and vomiting that's all I could focus on.  I did read somewhere online when I googled Camber pharmaceuticals and are they making people sick that there were lots of people having trouble with different Camber drugs, and someone wrote that they were able to find the inactive ingredients somewhere and mentioned something about an ingredient in motor oil??  I may still research that one because it was almost like I felt poisoned.  And yes when I googled it, people thought it was the most ineffective percocet they had ever encountered.

    @Peanut-I have always heard all that about generics but just never had the experience myself.  Boy, do I get it now!  I am just hoping that I don't have any further trouble down the road.  Apparently this manufacturer has been around in total like 6 years and only making percocet since late last year and guess what...they are cheaper than others.  Who would of guessed that?  Only one Walgreens store in town actually has them so of course I am only going to the other one.  Surely with all the people complaining they won't stock them if they can help it because who the heck would buy them?  I am so lucky to have such a wonderful, caring PM team.  The Doctor is great and when he isn't there the PA is really good as well.  I wasn't going to even ask her for another script but when she came into see me, she already had a plan in place.  You can't beat that.  Thank you guys for your posts. 


  • There is another issue with generics.  In order to prevent patent infringement, they typically use different "binders" with the active ingredients.  As anyone (DR, Nurse, EMS) that have endured Acid Based Balance classes can tell you, binders are very important in order to get the active ingredient to pass through the cellular wall.  Some binders work better than others.  This is probably the case you may be having.  You can ask your pharmacist if the generic drug you are getting utilizes the same "delivery system" as the name brand.  Typically, the answer is no and in some states that is enough to be able to get name brand medications approved instead of the generic.  

  • @EMS Guy-Thanks for the information.  I did not know that the binders had any function at all.  That really makes more sense to me as to why a generic wouldn't be as effective as the brand.  So I guess if they put a bit less active ingredient plus a binder that wasn't very effective a person might really notice that it didn't work as well.  I noticed on the top portion of my bottle they wrote "Activis percocet only."  As long as it isn't Camber I will be happy. 


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  • Finally received the Activis percocet today because it had to be ordered. OMG!  It is like night and day!  Have been taking Hydrocodone for the last couple of weeks because my wonderful PA wanted me to at least have something for breakthru and it certainly helped and I didn't have the ill effects that I had on the Camber Percocet but it just isn't as effective as the Activis Percocet so I had more pain and less sleep.

    Took my first dose of the Activis Percocoet at about 9 this morning and pain controlled within 2 hours and I was able to take a nap and felt so much better all afternoon.  It was just amazing how much better it worked.  Well that certainly makes me appreciate what the Activis does for me.  The pharmacist told me to let her know a couple of days before my refill dates each month and she will order it for me.  I told her how much I appreciate them for doing that.  I wish I could truly explain how physically sick and mentally drained that Camber Percocet made me feel.  It is just criminal the pain and suffereing they are causing people.  It is all over the internet how lots of people are sick from it and if they don't make some changes after seeing this, there is something wrong with them.  Walgreens is still using Camber and while I would love to send corporate a message about how knowing how sick people are getting, they should pull it off their shelves, they are accommodating me by ordering the Activis.  Has anyone else even seen these Camber products?


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