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week 32

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,008
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:22 AM in Diet, Nutrition, Weight Loss
hello everyone and a special hello to our new member everhopeful,you are very welcome to join are gang and hopefully get the support and freindship you need here,im sure you will

Well ive been to london although i only saw the hospital and hotel most off the time lol( i was caring for my sister who had breast augmention as her breasts had not developed when she was a teenager)she did really great and had very little discomfort,as for me a lived on sandwiches but did manage to walk from the hotel to the hospital which was about 2 miles a few times.

Dispite eating sandwiches for dinner every night i lost 1 pound this week which im really grateful for, hopefully the walking made up for the bread. can t believe ive lost 6 pounds in 3 weeks i could not have done it without you guys so a big thank you for all your support (gosh i feel like im at the oscars lol) hope you all had a good result,and remember whatever the results tomorrow is a new day


  • Time for me to join this corner. How do i join? Just pop in and say hi like this?
  • popping in and saying hi is just fine,we weigh in every sunday,but i find popping in daily helps me to on track.We give each other support and sometimes just for a chat or any tips weve picked up.So please feel free to join us you will be very welcome
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  • Well I hate to admit that I gained a pound! I was really good all week until yesterday, I had a surprise birthday party for my mother who turned 70. It was a blast and I saw so many people that I haven't seen in years! That lb was worth it. I will just have to work harder this week. I just finished watching Joel Olstein, he makes me feel better about everything...Now I am getting ready to go to work. Thanks for welcoming me so warmly. I will check in with you later.

  • :) A pound is a pound Benji. good work! <:P that is what i lost this week as well! that is 148 and 20 more pounds to go. as my husband pointed out, in 10 weeks that is 10 pounds! :O i don't know how much insight that took but it made me feel better for some reason! lol! everhopeful, you checked in despite a loss and i would give you a pound for that if i could! how often do we get a chance to celebrate with our mom's anyway? this is the start of a new week and a new chance to lose. i look forward to hearing your voice this week! Jenny :)
  • :H Ewaight, hi and please join us! today is weigh in day so this is a great starting day! pick a food plan for yourself and then a form of exercise! we check in with each other during the week or you can just use weigh in day. join us as we try together to take off some pounds! Jenny :)
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  • Welcome Ewaight, don't worry Laura and well done to Ben and Jenny.

    I stayed the same. I took hubby out for his birthday dinner, of course we had to do the Gourmand Menu (I lost count of how many courses). Well it would have been rude not to as someone had worked hard all morning preparing it!!

    See you all next week

  • :) glad to hear from you doof! are we still up for the 1 pound goal loss next week? :? i am still game to try! Jenny
  • Nope, I'm a greedy guts and I'm going for 2 lbs!!
  • Okay, after reading all of the positive and sometimes funny chatter, I am ready to crawl (not up to jumping yet :D ) on the bandwagon. I will shoot for one less pound this week. Good luck to everybody this week. Sandi
  • 1 lb this week, which was my goal. I think I will join doof up the ante to 2 lbs. next week!
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