3 Years of Lower Back Pain and No Answers!!!

I have had chronic, lower back pain for three years. I am high school, and I used to run track, and do weights. I cannot do these things anymore, as they make my pain worse. I first started to notice the pain when doing hurdles in track. Weightlifting over these past couple years worsened it, and now I cannot even go shopping without having to frequently sit down. I have gotten an MRI, but two different doctors said my back looked healthy. In December 2017 and February 2018 I got two epidural shots to help with the pain. Both times, I was pain-free for a few weeks, but it eventually came back to my normal. My symptoms: Sitting/laying down feels better than standing, worsens with physical activity (sharp, stabbing pain), deep aching when standing or walking for long periods, muscle spasms, chronic aching pain. The type of pain I am having is very similar to that associated with Spondylolysis however the pain has never radiated to my butt or legs.If anyone has any idea what is wrong with me, has heard or knows of anyone with a problem like me, or know any doctors that could "fix me." Please comment!!! The pain has, obviously, affected me physically, but it has affected me even more mentally. With the problems I am experiencing, I cannot be a normal teenager and do things I love like working out, running track, and being a part of a team. Any suggestions or answers you might have will help.



  • I don't know what's wrong. I can't say because I'm not a doctor but I can share my experience. I started having lower back pain when I started doing ballet. I was 13 then. I only did ballet lessons for 3 months because I can't endure the pain anymore. There's shooting pain whenever I switch body positions. Lying down to sitting up, sitting down to standing up, etc... Now I'm 25 and I still have this pain. I thought it will go away eventually but it didn't. The first doctor I consulted is an orthopedic surgeon. His initial diagnosis was spondylolysis too but X-ray show it wasn't. So now I'm about to see a neurologist to see if it has something to do with my nerves since they can't see anything with the spine. 

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    Think about this, if it were the activity (ie weight lifting, hurdling, ballet) why then doesn't everyone that does these activities suffer the same? I am not discounting that the activity incites MORE pain, but just didn't want anyone to blame the activity for the pain. Because you sit so much during the school day, is it any wonder why you find relief in sitting?

    But here is a twist...sitting could be the culprit. All that sitting, while in school, eating lunch, driving car, watching dinner, studying, chatting with friends, etc is training your muscles to do just that, sit. This causes muscle imbalances. If you think of all the muscles in the body, how many do we use while sitting? Think about when many muscles are used then? Just because we warm up does not mean our bodies are prepared. Sure our muscles are warm, but they are still imbalanced. 

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