How long to continue daily walking


Can anyone advise how long I should continue with the daily walking routine post  discectomy?  

I was walking religiously twice per day.  I had surgery mid October. I've become less structured with the walking but do have lower back ache at nights. Wondered what people experiences have been of continuing walking as a form of rehab exercise post surgery  



  • I had lumbar fusion in mid-December, and have been walking pretty much daily since the surgery.  

    For me, walking is great, because it's harder for me to "overdue" it.  I found myself "pushing it" on the treadmill, so walking outside is best (weather permitting). Early on, I would get exhausted pretty quickly, now I walk for a few miles, flat and hills. I would walk longer, but I have foot issues.

    It seems to me unless you have screaming nerve pain, walking appears to be a great long-term form of exercise. 

    I also practice contracting my core while walking.

    What does your surgeon recommend for you?

  • Hi Steffie and any thanks for your response. 

    Yes walking was highly recommended  and like you, I walked 2 or 3 times per day religiously.  I'm now 4.5 months post surgery and my question is how long do people continue the walking for?  As you mention, it's a great exercise and therefore people may just continue because they enjoy the exercise but I'm wondering how long they were advised to continue for?  Pleased your recovering well  


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