Going from methadone to morphine to morphine

Was just wondering if going from 30mg of methadone a day to 80mg of morphine is going to be enough. Thanks 



  • Everyone's bodies metabolize medications differently.  I would think that the change would be effective.  But, if not give your doctor a call.  It also depends on how much pain you're in, body size, etc. 

  • peanut006peanut006 MichiganPosts: 80

    According to the MME calculator (which you can Google yourself if you want, "opioid conversion calculator") 30mg of methadone is equivalent to 240mg of morphine. So if you're going to only be taking 80mg of morphine daily, I'd say it's highly likely you'll go into withdrawal if it's not tapered and changed over slowly. I am not a doctor. This is totally just from my own research and reading over the years. Your doctor of course knows best. 

    I would ask exactly what their plan is to switch you over. Not just because of the drastic decrease in milligrams, but methadone is known to be harder to come off of because of it's longer half life. It comes out of your system much more slowly than traditional opioids. I'd just get clarification on what the specific plan is and what the contingency plan is if the new regimen isn't adequately controlling your pain. Hopefully they be able to ease your mind!!!

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