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Hi everyone, thanks for your precious time and info.

So 9 months ago i fell off an extension ladder(fell with the extension ladder ) 10 feet and that's where my pain journey started. Since i was at work i was covered and been so through workers comp. Which is another type of pain i'm no so fond of < . Any who I've done x-rays, ct scans and finally after 9 months i got an MRI. So ill post a bit of the MRI report;

L4-L5: There is a broad-based 3 mm disc bulge with mild to moderate bilateral facet disease resulting in mild

bilateral neural foramen stenosis without spinal canal stenosis.

L5-S1: There is a 2 mm grade 1 spondylolisthesis of L5 on S1 with bilateral spondylolysis. There is a broadbased

3 mm disc bulge with mild to moderate bilateral facet disease without spinal canal stenosis. There is

moderate bilateral neural foramen stenosis.

There is a T2 hyperintense cystic structure posteriorly within the sacral canal at S1 measuring 4.0 cm

craniocaudad by 2.1 cm AP. This displacing the thecal sac towards the left. This is also impinging on the

traversing right S1 nerve root within the right lateral recess region.


1. Intraspinal cystic structure measuring 4 x 2.1 cm displacing the thecal sac towards the left at the level of L5-

S1 and also compressing on the traversing right S1 nerve root within the right lateral recess region. This may

reflect a large Tarlov cysts or perineural root sleeve cysts.

2. Mild degenerative changes at L4-5 and L5-S1. Moderate bilateral neural foramen stenosis at L5-S1 and mild

bilateral neural foramen stenosis at L4-5.

3. Grade 1 spondylolisthesis of L5 on S1 measuring 2 mm with bilateral spondylolysis.

I'm not asking for medical advice but i hope to be able to find anyone who's been affected by one of these observations and how they managed . Not so i can follow in those steps but simply for educating purposes. I've googled most of these statements and words but i still have an appointment with my main Doctor and till then i will see what he suggest. I know my Dr. will explain all of the above. Also i will be looking into the main site for info on my situation. One last thing before this incident I had never had any previous accidents or been hurt or in pain.I was 27yrs old . Any links where i can look into are welcome. Thanks for reading this.



  • Hopefully worker’s comp. will approve all the necessary treatments. Do you have a worker’s comp. lawyer?

    I’m assuming you’re either off work or on light duty.

    Until you see a neurologist/neurosurgeon it’s hard to say more as it would be speculation. 

    Since you have no history of back injuries, it might be a good idea to get a comp. attorney. 

    They can make sure all your medical bills are paid (should any be contested) and most lawyers would argue that when you’re dealing with nerve root impingement/compression, that constitutes getting an impairment rating and PPD.

    Good luck. Please keep us posted.

  • Hi L4_L5 , yes i have a lawyer and so far its been a mission to get this far. With everything that has to happen needs to get approved before it happens. I'm off work ever since incident but i feel like all this wait has made it worse but that's just my opinion .Now that i have the results i'm hoping i can get the proper help . Thanks

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    I’m surprised you were afforded time off work all this time, nine months before your MRI confirmed these issues.

    What was your initial diagnosis? A lumbar strain?

    Do you know what conditions are currently allowed in your claim?

    Are the findings from your MRI allowed in your claim yet or do you think you’ll have to go to hearings to get those added?

    It’s very good you have a lawyer, especially considering the extent of your injuries. 

  • The first 3 months were hard because i had no lawyer and initial findings from ct scan showed pars defect but the they(IC) claimed it was old and honestly i had no clue what anything meant just that i was in constant pain. So they did not want to do anything for those 3 months the Dr claimed that it would heal soon and that no treatment was necessary only rest and restrictions were pretty much "dont do anything" and so that's when i got a lawyer. In the claim i included wrist, knee and my whole back. I had severe spasm that you could actually see palpitating in my back. All of the findings seem to point to my lower back so i believe hearings wont be necessary but with WC anything goes. 

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    If WC approved your MRI then it should be acknowledged as part of the claim.

    I wouldn’t put anything thru your own private insurance if you can help it. 

    Obviously one exception would be if you have unexpected pain so bad you feel the need to go to the ER.

    The only reason I can see you having to go to hearings is if they try to blame your disc bulges as potentially being pre-existing due to an auto accident in the past (if you’ve ever been in any car accidents, that is).

    However, your comp. lawyer should be able to get you out of that should it apply and come up.

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    hi vert6688

    Welcome to Veritas Health Forum

    this is a difficult time for you, but this forum will give you support in lots of ways to help you through a tough time.

    lots of members will relate to having to wait or fight for the correct diagnosis.  you now have all the details that will help move your treatment forward.

    please keep us updated on developments.

    i have added two links below to help new members with information and these also contain the forum rules.  there is lots of material to research that will give you the power of knowledge.

    welcome to spine health

    all new members should take the system tutorial 

  • First time ever getting hurt but i see how they can try doing something of that sort. Thanks L4_L5 and AJGormit for the invaluable information.

  • Just came back from Dr appointment , he explain most things but he was not worried and said i would get recommendation for Pain Management and maybe epidurals. I was wondering if there is a way to know if my spondylolisthesis and spondylolysis is old(since i was young) or current?Either with looking at ct scans or MRI scans? Since this is workers comp he said we would tackle pain management and then see where that takes me. The 2 disc bulges he said are what might be giving me pain in lumbar spine. He didn't even want to mention about my cystic structure whether it is serious or maybe a cause. Should i be concern? 

  • My Dr ordered a Spect CT to determine if spondy was old. The spect showed nil uplift around the injury meaning it was old and cold , Don’t know if that’s any help. 

  • He didn't even want to mention about my cystic structure whether it is serious or maybe a cause. 
    WC doctors are not going to talk about something on your MRI that can’t be work-related. 

    For example, someone may have a kidney stone or urinary tract infection. But neither of those conditions would be caused by a work injury.

    I suppose if someone is pornographic actor or actress they could claim they got a UTI from another performer. But (thankfully) most people’s jobs wouldn’t cause a UTI. :#

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