Lyrica or Gabapentin for nerve pain, plus side effects

What's worse Lyrica or Gabpentin as far as weight gain, side effects that include memory loss, feeling tired,hair loss, swelling of the feets, ankles, hands, and feeling just stupid? I am on Gralise which is ER Gabpentin max dose. Have been on regular Gabapentin for years, very high dose and gained 48lbs. I need something that will help a badly damaged pinched nerve in my thigh. 

Thanks so much!



  • Just quit a trial period of gaba.... 90days 300mg twice a day.  Never made me sleepy,  but did make me very clumsy.... bumping into walls, dropping things, losing things, ... be careful driving. I had no weight gain/loss,  but my LDL went up 10% and HDL down same.  Triglycerides unaffected... but still high. Not good when high cholesterol is (in my case) genetic. 

  • I took Lyrica  (150 mg daily) for 12 years. I never really thought it helped any and since I weaned off it 3 weeks ago I see that I was right.

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  • I've taken them both and found them both to cause weight gain and sleepiness (sometimes) at the higher doses.  I'm currently on Lyrica and I think it helps more... I think...

  • I'm take both right now because 2000+ mg of gaba do not work. So they changed to Lyrica 2 a day. Dr says Lyrica works better much more expensive, but I'm in a lot of pain and need more than 1 PEROCET every 6 hours! They are crazy. And I'm out early all the time because I take the perks till I feel better. Then I have a week of no meds except Gaba Lyrica and 800 mg ibu. I just had fushion that ended up with partial paralysis and a dropped left foot. And the Dr says this is the last month I can legally give you the perocets! So then what every pain Dr says we don't prescribe pain meds! I say so what do I do? They say find a Dr that does! Gee thanks! The waiting for the refill for the pain relief is terrible! I just can't take 1 perk and ir last 6 hours?? Please! I sound like an addict, but been going through this for 13 years! I know all the meds that work and don't work! But still only ever get just perks! They don't help anymore. But for some yes! Feel better!

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    I spent 6 years going to pain management for Degen disc disease, bulging discs, and pain in the facet joints in my L1 through S1. Every month I went in and would say pain is still intense and every month I would go up. Ended up being on 360 15mg oxycodones and Fentynal patches. Dr got shut down by DEA and I was stuck with a severe dependency on opiates and now no Dr who would come close to feeding my addiction. It was a blessing. I found Dr who did the RF nerve blocks which gives me 3-4 years of pain relief. The fact that extreme levels of opiates didn't touch my pain was a big clue of how ineffective they are for treating nerve pain. What they did was placate my mental anguish which we all know is just as maddening as the physical pain. I'm due for more RF blocks in next month or two. In the meantime I take 1 300mg gabapentin 2x per day and 1 800mg gabapentin at night. I also take Tylenol 3 times per day and ice when it's really bad. 

    You may not want to admit how ineffective percs are just yet, but you have to admit that physical addiction is not a fair trade off for what they do. We will look back on this period in medicine with the same bewilderment we look at 1900's use of heroin as cough medicine.

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