When will the pain end?

I am beyond frustrated and feel like I’ve hit the end of my rope pain wise. It’s now been over 6 weeks since my RFA and I feel like what little relief I had a few weeks ago has ended and now I’m sliding back into my old pain. This was a bad week both pain wise and with work and I’ve just been in an awful mood. Even at pt he knew I was hurting bc I sat on ice and had ice massages in between the few stretches I could force myself to do. I just dont understand how I had much better relief with the nerve block than I did with the RFA. 

Am I still in the healing stage? Will the pain lessen? I feel like it won’t and I’m just frustrated at this point. I go back to see my doc in April since that was the first available appointment and I feel like my body will give out before than. I’m having worsening pain in the front hip bone on my right side which is something that has never given me an issue up until a few weeks ago.. The pain is in my bone and it makes it nearly impossible to go up or down steps without having to stop every few steps. And sitting is still impossible bc if my left si pain which is where my normal pain is located. 

The pain shooting down my leg was getting better and was only shooting into my thigh whereas before the rfa it was shooting to my toes. Now it’s starting to shoot down below my knee again and my foot tingles all the time I said, my symptoms are worsening again. I have no motivation anymore to do anything other than work bc of the pain and fatigue. This has been such a long road and I feel like there’s no end in sight especially with new symptoms popping up! I just need to vent bc I feel like everyone around me is sick and tired of hearing it. And as sympathetic as everyone is I’m just tired of it all! I just want to feel normal again!



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    Please don't give up and say you feel like there is no end in sight. If the nerve blocks helped you more then request another one. Talk to your doctor about other options and make a plan with him. Sometimes if you just keeps notes of your daily life and let him read it,it will help.
    Good luck and take care.

  • Thank you for the response. I’m not giving up, just venting and complaining haha. I’m just hoping my doc has insight on my pain in a few weeks or that it al of the sudden goes away, which would be better. But with me it seems as if it just gets worse! If not I’ll see if there’s an orthopedic doc to see if they have my ideas on my pain both in the hip and the si joint. I was just hoping at this point my pain would be limited or non existent especially after how successful the nerve block was!

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    your right there folks dont want to hear! I have a relationship with my pain when it hurts i swear at it or somtimes say oow that was a good one you got me there haaaa laughter and gritting your teeth is good pain releif

  • Yeah it was a bad pain week last week. I don’t know if it’s weather related or not, but it’s been bad lately. Plus I was in a bad mood all week so that doesn’t help haha. I had two days off of work because of the nor’eater that hit this week and I felt great by Thursday! Granted I still had pain here and there, but t wasn’t constant which was nice! Going back to work and driving put me back into pain, but not nearly as much as it has been. I’ll take it while I can get it! Hopefully it means I’m on a better track pain wise. I see the doctor in 3 weeks so hopefully he either has a new plan or it’s feeling completely better!

  • Hi bren85Sacroiliac (SI) Joint Problems
    Great to read your last post sounds so much better and I hope it continues in that direction. Si joint is a pain that really takes a toll making it hard to bear doing anything. My mood and the cold for sure effects my body. 
    I was wondering did you put your name on the list to be called if someone cancels then you could get in earlier? Just a thought I would hate to see the pain get worse for you.
    Keep your chin up and bug them to try that procedure again that brought you relief if they can. That had to be so wonderful to feel relief even for a short time gives a person hope.
    Take care and for sure let us know what happens.
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  • I wish I could be called for a cancellation! Unfortunately I work 45 minutes (minimum depending on traffic and time of day) from the offfice and I can really only see him first thing in the morning bc of my work schedule...and of course even the first appointment of the day I’m usually late haha. So I’ll take the appointment I have bc they are few and far between. I have limited days off left so I have to use them only when absolutely necessary!

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    Bren85 when you talked about the weather I think I can predict a better forecast than the weatherman, I can predict a storm 24 hours in advance and tell how bad it's going to be. Lol

  • I’m starting to think I can too haha! The weird part is is that the weather never really affected my back like this until I had the RFA. Or at least not to the extent of the last month... maybe it was just the severity of the storms. I’ve been ok the last few days. Still have pain but it has decreased quite a bit. Maybe the nerve burn is finally kicking in? Fingers crossed!

  • Dear Bren! And dear friends! I’ve been suffering with this SI pain for A year! It’s terrible. Been through every chiropractor, Pt. Scheduled epidural and ..canceled. I went to see an osteopath. The experience was unique and amazing. Don’t listen to anybody. Don’t read too much about it. Please. Just give it a try. And find a certified DO. I’m sure you will feel better. And I’m wishing everybody here to get your pain free life back. It is possible. Believe.  o:) <3

  • Hi Bren - I've had 23 years of terrible SI pain, with success from some of the RFAs. They often took three months or so before the pain went down from before the procedure. Please see my note about whether or not to get SI fusion surgery (DON'T) on a recent post. It's been the biggest mistake of my life. It's very difficult for anyone to understand this debilitating pain and how it affects our lives if they haven't gone through it. Unfortunately, SI joint pain is often invisible on MRIs, CT scans, X-rays. After 17 years, I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis. I could still cope most days (with lots of tricks - ice, heat, TENS, creams, pain medication), but the aftermath of the SI fusion surgery (it's been 10 months) has been indescribable. I'm crossing my fingers (and toes!) for you -


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