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Hello from N.E. Nice to be here.

Hi.  A little about me.  I have been seriously blessed with a very very healthy life and stay extremely active. Avoid doctors like the plague. I hate them.  I should also mention that I do not take ANY pain med unless the pain is severe. Don't even take Tylenol for a headache if I can cope.   I went 10 years at a time without going to the doctors  ( and I have health insurance just in case) only to get my tetanus shot. When I turned 50,... ( I am now 51) I figured I should start going for an annual exam and blood work. I am very healthy and am only told to take vitamin D in the winter months. 120 lbs  5'4  .

I am here for insight and will spend some time going through other members posts a little each day and hope to learn something on my situation.

My issue:

I am not sure if my fall on my right knee last Sept. is the cause of this very recent issue or not. I tripped over a box and landed on my right knee on hard cement and became swollen for about 5 weeks before feeling better. Strange but my knee never bruised or turned black and blue at all. Just swelled up. Was very odd.   Anyway  In mid December, feeling great, I went dancing and danced for 3 to 4 hours straight. Was the best night I have had in a long time and knew that I was going to be sore the next day but to my surprise I was not... however, the swelling sensation that my knee had from the Sept. fall came back. So I figured I just aggravated it and it would subside with time. It did not. 2 -3 weeks later my hip, as well as my upper thigh ( deep inside my thigh) started hurting and could not figure out why. Started stretching, resting, hot tubing, icing , heating, and yes I bought some Tylenol ; nothing was helping and the pain got worse. Off to the docs I went. For some reason, the Doctors Assistant looked after me that day, ( I wanted the doc.) I was thinking maybe it could be a blood clot or some sort of arthritis that was completely unimaginable to me. I wanted answers and all I got was a prescription of Ibuprofen 600 mg. to take and call in a week if it still hurt. I told her that there is something really, really wrong but it did not seem to matter for some reason. Here is a script.... see you in a week but you should be fine..Grrrrrrrr.

I went 12 or 13 days praying to get better and continued exercising with very little relief from the Ibuprofen, ice, stretches, etc..... and back to the docs I went. By now, I could not go up stairs, get in and out of a car, sit, nothing without terrible terrible pain.  This time I did get a doc (my primary was on vacation) and I told him that the pain started in my knee he said that it was my hip but ordered an xray of the knee just in case. ( x-ray normal) Told me to do 4 sessions of Physical Therapy and if it did not work he would give me a cortisone shot.  No way was I getting a shot. so off to P.T. I went.

1 week later,  1st P.T. session in my life. He told me that my pelvis was out of whack and ' adjusted it" (said my leg length was off a bit... seriously??? ) and gave me exercises to do. That night the pain in my right kidney area and my right upper back felt like someone had slammed me down in the road. Oh my god it hurt.  I am a trooper, so I started the exercises the next day  (pressure in back eased up a bit)  and by day 3 I called the office and said a couple of these exercises are making the pain worse. This is not working. Was told to stop and therapist said that he possible could have missed diagnosed me !!! ????  Are you kidding me???   Earliest appointment was 1 week later --- later back at the P.T. I asked if this could possibly be a pinched nerve or a torn tendon... something?  I kid you not, but the therapist started slamming his hands down on the examination bed 6 times while simultaneously yelling at me saying NO NO NO.  STOP STOP STOP.  " your symptoms do not say you have nerve damage and I only have a half an hour to figure out what's wrong with you" Holy cow. Needless to say this was the last time I saw this therapist. He was guessing!!!  Oh, and my insurance co. was billed over $400 dollars for my first visit and 310 for the second. Wow. That's all I can say is Wow.

Called the doc office again, told primary that P.T. is a bust and had me go for a hip xray. ( xray normal) I wanted an image done on my pelvis and lumbar but he would not authorize it!!!  I have insurance for this. Unbelievable! So now he sends me to a Sports Doc. (another week away) an actual MD Sports Doctor not a therapist. BTW, we are now into March 12, 2018.  Sports Doc. tells me its my SI joint and by now my lower and middle buttocks is screaming in pain so I learn I have piriformis issues as well.  So he orders another xray for my pelvis and upper thigh area (femur) for this is where the most severe pain is just to be sure. Also I should say that I have not experienced any real back pain at all. Which is also weird considering it is the SI joint. Doc recommended me to go to a Chiropractor ( the one he uses )  as well a P.T. 

The new P.T. that I have found by asking around with references is booked but I did get an appointment for the 27th of this month, so I am in.  In the mean time, off to the Chiropractor on the 14th of March. Was told to tell him the Doc said to work on the SI joint. Got that cracked, popped, or what ever you call it and he gave me a couple of additional exercises to do and one for the piriformis muscle.  Mind you, I have been putting 200% into my exercise therapy to get better. All my free time goes to this pain. I was sore but kept going. 2nd Chiro. appt.  March 16 was focused on just stretching and massaging. No manipulation pops or cracks of any kind except he pulled my arms up and my legs out and my neck for some reason. This is all new to me. gave me new exercises and mentioned Epson salt baths. 

I am now getting better. My leg pressure has reduced by 60% at least, but know that I have put a lot of time and effort into the stretch therapy and its a lot of hard work to get through it, but I am determined as heck.  

March 19, 2018  3rd Chiro appt.    This is what has brought me to this site and this is scary as hell. I walked in that office feeling the best I have in 3 months. I climbed those stairs with very little pressure in my thigh. Hallelujah !!!   He puts me on the bed and starts to stretch out my legs, arms, and neck again. I  am thinking this is routine I guess?? Then he had me cross my arms and all of a sudden he cracked / popped my back!!!!  Holy molly ...   I have absolutely no idea why he did this nor did I ever see it coming. Scared the hell out me. 1 hour after I left that office the left side of my back started to hurt.  3 hours after my left hip started to get pain and a numb feeling  that was similar to my right side when it started hurting back in late Dec. early Jan.  I was freaking out. I ran to the bathroom and made an emergency Epson salt bath and stretched out as much a could to not let my other leg get bad. I started to cry and I am not one to cry. And the icing of the cake is that the the  left side of my face started to feel numb shortly after.  Now I am getting scared. This morning my face still feels weird  (no pain) but my left hip is a little sore to the touch on the tip of the bone area.   I am suppose to go back to the Chiro. tomorrow. I am thinking I should wait and see how my face feels tomorrow before calling the MD. I hope I am not making a mistake here. I'd  like to give it 2 days to see if it goes away.  I am still going to go to the Chiro,s  and let him know what's going on and I am very interested in what he has to say, but he will NOT be touching my neck or back again. 3 months ago I was a happening person and I feel my life is gone. Its so awful. And yes, I cried again today.

I have absolutely no idea as this date why this is happening.... related to my fall last September? Or is this something that has crept up on me for sitting wrong??  I have no idea.

Has anyone else had a symptom via the Chiropractor like this?? Is this normal?? My Spirit is slowly getting broke.

Thank you for anyone reading this and I am so sorry its so long.

Best    Goldie1



  • I have had SI joint dysfunction (Ankylosing Spondylitis) for 23 years after the birth of my third child. The WORST thing I ever did was go to PT (several times) and a chiropractor (once - that was enough). I am NOT a doctor, but I have been through more than 120 procedures and 2 major surgeries to deal with my stuff. And the worst I ever felt was after PT/chiro. The SI joint is a very difficult joint to treat - it doesn't show up on X-rays, MRIs, CT scans. You need to get to a good pain management doctor who can test for SI dysfunction through simple motion tests (not painful) and also through an injection to see if you have relief. No more guessing, please trust me - this is not something to mess with. I'm wishing you the best. Please let me know if you have questions.


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