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7 weeks out doc says random spasms are normal?

They started a couple weeks ago. The only thing extra I did the day before was just standing up and grilling(my gf did all the lifting and walking back and forth) and the next morning I got my first jolt. Before I was walking half to 1 mile daily, very gentle coitus, and overall very mobile.

Lord have mercy...I always prided myself on a high tolerance of pain but these things bring you to tears!

So...the next few days it would lock up, feels like the muscle just grips the sciatic on the right side(in the middle of the buttock) and I have to fight to straighten the leg. Luckily the 2 times it happened when standing/walking I was able to catch myself on the bed and stove respectively  

Yet it’s on the opposite side where I had sciatic pain post op wth?!?

The doc says this is pretty normal, that I’ll have good days and bad. Ok...after a few days it went away mostly, might randomly jolt a few times early in the morning and once I’m up and moving for the day I have zero issues.

I went back to walking my mile to 2 miles other night no issue, even driving to church(car with a stage 2 clutch no issue) and everything was fine for what seems like a while now.   

Now, here I sit in bed awake waiting for the meds to kick in to hopefully go back to sleep. I feel like it’s completly random and has a mind of its own.   

Do you find it’s preventable in your experience? Or that it’s payment for being overly physical/something else?

I also notice when I wake up. Or I’ve been lying down a while when I stand there is a click on the right side. And as I shuffle to the restroom and return that seems to help. What really perplexes me is I won’t even be moving in bed. Just laying still. And BOOM, it strikes. Trying not to worry but I’ve seen some of the posts about how long these persist.  

Any thoughts, input, personal experiences would be much appreciated!!!

Sorry for the long first post.  



  • hi smoove

    welcome to spine-health

    you have my sympathy.  i suffered from these after my second surgery.  i have now had a third surgery, tlif l4-s1 and my spasms/cramps have almost disappeared.  the only time i do get the odd one, is when i have overdone things.

    they are so painful and i found i could reduce the number of these by doing a hamstring stretch so soon i felt the first sign of pain.  in bed i would try to position my foot up against the duvet, so the back of my leg was straight. tucking the duvet under the mattress at the

    bottom of the bed would help achieve this.  if this didn't work, i would have to get out of bed (tricky with a spasm and pain!) and try to force my contorted foot down onto the ground to get the back of my leg stretched.  i would call the after affect 'my marathon muscle' due to the residual pain left afterwards.  i would have to try to walk out the muscle pain before the next one happened.

    i tried all the remedies for cramp and hydrated as necessary but this didn't seem to make any difference.

    i hope you spasms reduce as mine did.

    i have added two links below to help new members with information and these also contain the forum rules.  there is lots of material to research that will give you the power of knowledge.

    welcome to spine health





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