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Mckenzie method?

Hey guys!

I tried to find a search function but this site is kinda odd.  I've had a bulging disc for about 10 months.  I purchased the famous "Treat Your Own Back" by Mckenzie and have been following the Mckenzie Method for the last few days.  So as the book describes, the goal of the exercises are to "Centralize" the pain, or bring the pain from whichever side its on (in my case the Lower left) and the pain from sciatica (in my case I don't have sciatic symptoms in my legs or glutes) to the middle closer to the spine.  

So I've had pain in the lower left side of my back for the past 10 months.  After doing the exercises (extensions, flexion) I've noticed the pain actually going from my lower left side to the lower right side.  The pain I had on the left side was more of a nerve pain, but the pain i'm feeling from the shift on the right feels a little more like "tightness" or "stiffness".

for anyone familiar with the Mckenzie method or has found success with is, can you tell me if this is normal?  Should I continue the exercises or am I doing something wrong?

Thank you! 

hope you guys find relief and happiness



  • CombatKid:

    I am only familiar w Mckenzie method through my PT.  He gave me a few exercises that have helped reduce pain in my shoulder and arm.

    Since you seem to be someone who likes to read up on things on your own, have you tried any of the work by Pete  Egoscue? I worked with a retired surgeon who used this method, and I found a lot of the exercises to be very helpful. He has written several books.  

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