hello all. 

Unfortunately if you are reading this you too are probably frustrated. Last july i injured my back from simply pulling out a grass weed. As a result i had severe back pain and herniated disk that caused tremendous sciatica pain. After a continuous increasing regime of pain pills I decided to get surgery to clean up the herniated disk in November.  90 percent of my sciatica was relieved so I stopped taking pain pills in January of this year. However I still have lower back pain and weakness. Despite going to physical therapy I’ve thrown out my back in February and a few days ago doing minor stuff. My frustration is that my doctors are not addressing as to why my back keeps going out. Physical therapy is supposed to help me build my core and lower back muscles. However when I first got injured last July i was fit and strong and that didn’t keep my back from going out. So without addressing as to exactly why it continues to go out im afraid nothing will change. I’ve pleaded with my doctors to explain why my spine continues to go out and what can be done. They offer no solutions other then pain management. This can’t be the only solution. 




  • Hi rabozzer welcome
    I am truly sorry you are going through the pain and struggles you are. You have come to a fantastic place to get help and find a ton of information. Being in pain and not getting answers can be extremely frustrating so many of us deal with it. It can take time to get answers our bodies are complex and some times going through several doctor's, procedures etc. until you find one who can diagnose you correctly. 
    So many have had success with Pain Clinics you might want to give it a try and you always have the option of another opinion. Believe me I have after over twenty years I have gotten several. I am not sure why you are against trying a Pain management program there are those out there that have great treatments, qualifications and really focus on getting answers. You might also look for a teaching hospital I have read where many have had luck there. 
    One huge important part of the fight is to get results is trying your hardest to be positive as much as you can. 
    A tool that has proved so valuable to me is keeping a journal of what causes pain to be worse or what helps. I am saying if you are like me when in pain and frustrated I get in the office and forget half of what I wanted to say. So a detailed journal helps us to be effective in our communication. 
    Also there is a excellent tool called the "blend" it is a list of ideas on getting some relief. So just type it in the upper right hand corner of the page in the search box.
    I hope I have helped you in some small way. Hang in there and stay positive as you can we are here if you need us to talk or just vent. Please let us know how you are doing and take care.

  • Hello Sherri,

    I appreciate your response and suggestions. The reason I’m frustrated with pain management aa it addresses the symptoms and not the cause. I walk around like a robot hoping I don’t make a sudden or wrong move that will cause me to throw out my back again. I just want a doctor to offer a solution. They have brought up fusion, but they say it may not help. I don’t understand how modern medicine can do brain surgery, heart surgery etc... but they can’t fix a ba back!!

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