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Dr. said that they are required to lower the amt pain patients are getting.

Had my pain management appt this morning and was told that the docs are now required to lower the dose their patients are taking.  I forget what he called it that the FDA calls the number they want patients taking per day.

For several months I was prescribed: 90 oxymorphone ER 10mg. 100 percocets 10/325.

Today I was prescribed: 60 oxymorphone ER 10mg. 120 percocets 10/325.

My doctor said it was the least amt he could lower for me without changing too much. While I appreciate him upping the number of instant release, removing the ER concerns me. He submitted my RX electronically to Walgreens.

Walgreens called me and said there was an issue with my insurance company not approving the ER pills until April 11th! I had thought that it was because they read it wrong thinking I was taking 60 pills each month but when I called BCBS, I was told that I maximized the number of ER allowed per 3 months. They said that as of Jan 2018, the number of ER meds is capped and a pre authorization from a doctor is needed to bypass this. So then I called the doc and asked them to call BCBS which will take 48 hours at minimum so I won't be able to get my ER meds til Monday.

A side note about the 10mg percocets. A few months ago, Walgreens changed the generics they get to Cambers which so many people are having issues with (making them sick etc). I had to go to rite aid past couple months just for the percocets to avoid Cambers. I talked to my pharmacist last week and she was able to order me 100 of the old generics I used to take. But since my pain Dr. upped my percocets today, I had to either wait til Monday to get all of the old generics so I decided to just get the 100 old ones she ordered + 20 of the worthless Cambers. Ugh! What a pain in the butt day!

I really didn't think I was on that high of a dose compared to the amt a lot of other patients at PM take but I guess I am?? Is anyone else experiencing this? Did your PM Dr. tell you they have to decrease your meds to meet FDA suggestions?

What's the end goal I wonder and how much more are they going to try to decrease. Very worrisome :(



  • Don’t be surprised if the prior authorization still doesn’t cut it with your insurance company. 

    I’m surprised you’re allowed to pick up one opioid at one pharmacy and another opioid at a different pharmacy. That’s usually a big no-no in pain management.

  • Wondering what state you live in and if that has anything to do with it? My meds were just switched this week without any problem with the quantity.

    I am having same issue with the Cambers though (see my other post)...

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  • Cambers is HORRIBLE! I read so many complaints about it elsewhere on another forum. I think a lot are having issues with the yellow dye in it as well. I decided to take the other 20 made by Cambers just so I can get my percocets this month otherwise, I'd have to wait until Monday. Daisy- I'm in NJ.

    L4 L5- I hope they approve it. What do you think if I were to try another ER med instead of the oxymorphone? My doc did drop my ER med from 90 to 60 so I shouldn't have an issue in the future.

    I was able to use two different pharmacies past two months -ER from Walgreens and IR from rite-aid, because I told my doctor that Cambers made me sick. They submitted my ER electronically and gave me a paper script for elsewhere.

  • I have run across comments about yellow pain medication causing problems or not working as well depending on which company makes them. I take the a generic of Percocet which is called Endocet it is yellow and number on pill is E712.
    Is that what you are all talking about and are you saying it is made by more than one company? Will you please check the number on yours and tell me if it is the same as the one I have. 
    The reason I ask is they don't seem to be working as well and upset my stomach plus some other side effects. My doctor and I were trying to figure out what is making me ill. 
    So sorry for all the trouble you are having getting your meds it can be so frustrating. I dread every month when it comes time to fill my prescriptions funny they want you to use just one but it often does not work out that way. I had to go to five last month to find fill mine getting some really crazy excuses.
    Good luck Sherri

  • scinmyheartsscinmyheart Posts: 176
    edited 03/24/2018 - 12:25 PM

    my doctor cut my dose down to 90 MME three months ago stating they could not go over that amount any longer...I kept my mouth shut like a good little sheep because I did not want to be labeled a problem 

    ...looking on the DEA website, the latest info they’re showing is that anyone prescribed over 90 MME needs to be from a pain management doctor with proper documentation...still nothing about a law but recommendations take is that the DEA is strong arming the doctor community and the doctors find it easier to cave to the Big Bully as opposed to having the ability to stand up to them with what is right

    ...the whole landscape is descipicle and pathetic...and the legitimate chronic pain patients will be the ones who will be screwed with no recourse

    ...I also cringe every time I go to the pharmacy hoping for no surprises...and I also am anxious when going to pain wonder my blood pressure is always jacked up when they check it...I finally told them it was high  because I never know what malarkey the DEA is going to pull..and if not them then it’s the state legislature who is becoming worse

    ...our state legislature is getting ready to add a 10 cent tax per opiate pill to help fund the pathetic addicts and recovery I get to help pay for the problems people have from taking the same Rx I am responsibilities taking...just really irks me

    ...on the subject of Camber oxycodone, I have three months filled through a Walgreens...I’m not having any issues with them so far...maybe don’t take care of my pain quite as good as others, though

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  • MrNyleMrNyle Posts: 88
    edited 03/23/2018 - 8:48 PM

    The doctor is lying to you or doesn't know what they are talking about.  There are no "required" amounts that they are allowed to prescribe.  Unless it's some type of new law for your state.  But there's definitely nothing required from the FDA.  There are recommendations from the CDC.  But a doctor can still prescribe more than that if they think it's necessary.  They recommend a max amount of 90 MME (morphine milligram equivalents).  You used to be on 135 MME and your doctor just dropped you down to 120 MME.

    I'm surprised you're still able to get Oxymorphone ER.  I thought they discontinued that medication.  I guess it's just the brand name version that was discontinued, but the generic is still available?  Interesting. 

    You are lucky that your doctor is still willing to prescribe to you though.  I only get 30 MME and my doctor says I can't be on it for much longer because "The CDC says it doesn't work for chronic pain"  Some doctors are either really stupid, paranoid of the DEA, or afraid of lawsuits from patient overdoses.

  • Apparently, all insurance companies are now heading toward requiring a preauthorization from doctors for patients.

    I just went through this on Tuesday, with no notification from my insurance. Went to the pharmacy to pick up prescriptions, got Soma and oxycodone with no issue, but my oxymorphone required preauthorization.

    Even with "expedited" on the paperwork, it would be at least 24 hrs, once they received it, and may take 72 hours minimum without "expedited" on the forms.

    After much back and forth, finally got the phone number for immediate authorization and got them approved for 12 months...sigh.

    Someone asked about the generic oxymorphone still being available and the answer is yes. I've been on it for 3 years now, and it is still available.

  • Thanks for the replies! It makes me so SAD to see what we have to go through in order to manage our legitimate pain. My god, we all need to stress this much and have this much anxiety going to a damn pharmacy every month? How is this humane or even OKAY? Cutting down the number of meds that were working fine or better to a lower dose for what? Makes me so mad!! Yesterday, I went to the pain Dr who asked "how are you feeling since last month". I said "okay, I think I'm at a manageable dose supplemented with lots of Ibuprofen". Him "well that's great but sorry I have to lower you".. Me: *oh great, here we gooooo.." :(

    MrNyle- thanks for the 120 MME explanation. Now that I'm at that "recommended" guideline, I hope they keep me here. And yes, I've been getting generic Opana ER (oxymorphone ER) for many months now and it works well for me. I too, feared it was being pulled but my Walgreens had no issues ordering it for me each month. She told me that I was on automatic re order for it.

    scinmyheart- is it 120 MME? or 90? Agree with everything you said.

    Sandi- how many mg and # of oxymorphone ER are you prescribed a month? how many oxycodone? Happy you got yours though!

    Hope- it's an oblong light yellow pill with T-194 imprinted on one side.

    So last night I skipped the 3rd dose of oxymorphone ER I used to take and took a Cambers generic percocet instead and it was terrible waking up at 3 am in withdrawal and pain. I then took an Actavis generic percocet and was able to rid the withdrawal and eventually fall back asleep.

    Why should I even be feeling this way. Why should any of us suffer so much that we're sitting here writing on a support forum about the BS we are put through? How is this fair at all? Rhetorical since I know why.. but still :(

  • Pain,

    My oxymorphone was lowered to 10 mg , twice a day, down from 20 mg. twice a day a few months ago. My oxycodone was 15 mg, 4 times a day, reduced to 10 mg twice a day.

    This month, he increased my oxymorphone back to 20 mg, twice a day, after finding my pain levels steadily were overall increased, after several months at the lower dose.

    The breakthrough reduction I don't necessarily have a concern with, since my normal method is to break them in half, take that, and wait to see if it will help ease heavy increases pain..if that fails, then I will take the second half..

    So far that's worked pretty well for me.

  • painpho...I meant to say the CDC recommendations not the DEA

    ...and you are correct and I am mistaken...the CDC does recommend nothing over 90 MME...

    ...thanks for the correction...I corrected my post

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