Dr. said that they are required to lower the amt pain patients are getting.



  • I'm fortunate to be put back on what did work for me. They tried 2 new things on me that did not work and had side effects. I hope I can stay on what works!

  • I feel so badly for everyone who has had their meds cut.  If that happened to me, I would be a mess.  

    I am so blessed to have the Doctor and PA at the PM I go to.  They truly care about their patients and really listen to what your issues are.  They have always made changes to my meds when I needed them to.

    I see the PA mostly and the Doctor about 3 times a year.  When you see the Doctor they always ask you questions about how you would be affected if you didn't have your meds.  What your life would be like.  I just saw him this week and we went thru all the questions.  He was telling me that unfortunately he has to ask these questions to make the DEA happy.  I told him how much I appreciate them.  In my situation I am strictly med management which doesn't make any real money for them.  Yet they are always there when I need them.  Luckily I brought with me a file so thick(16 years worth) it had to be rubber banded together.  Having tried all preventative meds and non narcotic meds many times. Always having to start at square one with a new doctor.  So narcotic meds were certainly not a  first line treatment for me.

    I would venture to guess that I might be a little over the 90 MED but not sure.  I should check into that.

    Anyway, it is ridiculous the way pain patients are being treated.  I do believe things will get better, but how much better and how long will it take is anybody  guess.  


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  • WOW you're getting 60 ER and 120 IR!  What kind of injuries did you have just curious.  Well I have a massive spinal fusion from severe scoliosis, 13 level fused, so that means I have all my T- verts are now fused with titanium.  I am only given 120 10mg of oxycodone a month.  After almost 5 years on the same dose, my tolerance is so high that it does nothing for me.  I'm in constant pain that I have mental breakdowns.  I've started to run out early about a year ago and have been asking for an increase but instead they are trying to decrease my dosage.  I haven't been able to live a normal life since my fusion.  My activity level went from an 8 to a 2 at best.  I've been in trouble with my clinic because my urine comes up clean of oxycodone and they're planning to cut me off.  I've been dealing with withdrawals for ages now because the pills just runs through my body and not to mention the sickness when I run out.  I keep telling them I'm in serious pain and no one wants to listen.

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